Thoughts on General Conference

Looking forward to thoughts on Conference. Shanghai? Interesting. Go Jimmer :slight_smile:

I thought it was great. The focus really seemed to be the Restoration as well as coming to Christ. I love the new symbol as it help us all to focus more on the Savior more. My wife thinks the symbol also sends a strong message to the rest of the world that we are Christians. On my mission to Canada 30 years ago, many non-members I came across asked if we were Christians. Very odd.

When I graduated I didn’t have a job teaching right away. Prop 13 knocked out many of the departments in my teaching area P.E. I once interviewed at a baptist owned school. He said if I could not teach their 3 in 1 trinity I couldn’t work their. They believe we aren’t Christian because we don’t believe in the same make up of the trinity.
I applied at another Christian school where in their application it asked for a few of my beliefs in God. So, I wrote in the A
13 Articles of Faith. I didn’t hear back from them :innocent:

Somewhat related, unfortunately, I keep BYU off of my resume here in Portland. I know a lot of other BYU grads here that do the same thing.

Just curious why? I thought BYU was well thought of, well at least that is what I am told all the time.

My daughter lives in Portland, both her and her husband graduated from Utah with RN degrees.

My son in law works in the cardiology section at the Hospital there, I think it called Oregon State Hospital, or something like that.

Only thing I know about Portland is 1) they don’t believe in parking lots and 2) my 4x4 Truck is not welcome there… :open_mouth:

How about Dubai? First temple in the middle east… That is pretty interesting.

My wife said she read somewhere that the United Arab Emirates government asked the church to build a temple there. Not sure that is true or not, but my wife said she read it somewhere.

I really appreciated the brethren focusing on the restoration, developing peace within yourself and helping others instead of focusing on the current health issue that has consumed so many people attention.

I did see one funny on Facebook though:

What little they said about COVID 19 was comforting and again asking the church to fast on Friday and all people of faith being invited to join us was enough.

I emailed several people (5 to be exact) at work who are Christians and invited them to join in the fast and the response was overwhelmingly positive. I wasn’t sure if I would get any response.

Invite non-believers in God or Christ too. God answers all prayers of the heart as well…

HAHAHAHA!!! That’s funny!

For one, Oregon is a very liberal state. Organized religion and especially being LDS are very unpopular in the eyes of many. And when people see BYU or LDS on a resume, they commonly put us in a box with all their pre-conceived notions regarding social justice issues such as how they think we view homosexuality, conservative viewpoints, views toward women, minorities, etc. Best to just keep them from themselves for as long as possible.