Thoughts on the season

  1. I am, overall, very pleasantly satisfied. Granted, my bar was pretty low, and I think we’re all learning to manage and temper expectations. The difference between this year and the last couple is that there is real hope in each game that something special could happen and we could have a Wisconsin/Tennessee/USC game. Even when we lay an egg, like we did against Utah and Washington, tomorrow is another day, and next week is another game. This hope as a fan is crucial, because where this is gone long-term, fans tune out and find other interests.

  2. I expected a loss to Utah. The pick sixes doomed us, and without them, it would have been a close game. Their lines are simply better than ours, and it’s really tough sledding when that is the case.

  3. Very pleasantly surprised with a win at Tennessee, even though they are bad. On a road against an SEC team with better athletes.

  4. I was stunned with how well the game plan worked against USC (force them to run by only rushing three). That we were able to stop their run (bend, don’t break fashion) was surprising, and our ability to prevent too many breakdowns on passing was helped by all the extra help in the backfield. I think we benefited from Kedon Slovis being so young. He looked like he has big potential, once he gets game experience.

  5. I think we could play better against Washington on another “any given day.” Their lines dominated ours, like Utah, and that was really the key to the game. We couldn’t really stop them offensively (they didn’t punt until the 4th quarter) — run or pass. We would have to do some different things defensively by way of making adjustments (stack the box and force them to throw — Eason would probably carve up the secondary, but that’s the only chance of winning you would have. You have to trust and ask this “stacked” secondary to step up). Like with Utah, take away the fumble six and the punt return for a touchdown, score a couple more touchdowns, and it’s a close game.

  6. I really enjoy having a kicker who isn’t a lost cause on long field goal attempts. Oldroyd will miss some, but he can also make any kick. So, I’m saying there’s a chance . . . :slight_smile: That gives hope.

A work in progress that is hopefully moving forward. The telling games that will ear-Mark where this team is going will be answered in the next three games. Toledo, USF, on the road and BSU at home. Win all three and the future is looking good. Win two out of 3 and you meet expectations. Anything less is disappointing heading into USU. BYU fans are always trying to rationalize losses. If only we hadn’t had turnovers or this or that. Sorry it’s all part of the game. Good teams either don’t make mistakes or they overcome mistakes. Bad teams or fans make excuses. In the words of owner Al Davis-“just win baby”

So, we shouldn’t talk about losing a real legit runningback and how that will influence our play going forwards? Just win? Talk about rationalization.

If we had not turned the ball over against Utah or Washington is why we lost is the same thing as saying we didn’t turn the ball over against Tennessee and USC and we won. So, I don’t get your point. Turnovers have been the issue in both wins and losses. Turnovers do matter.

With Williams out, the next 3 games are in doubt. Especially if we continue drop passes like we did against Washington. Toledo looked explosive on offense. Will we be able to handle the QBs running and throwing? He was very good. Will Wilson’s back or glute injury be well by next week so he doesn’t arm all his throws and be able to run like he did against Tennessee and USC?

my main concern over the last three years has been defense. I do not see progress in any area of the unit.

Take for example, penalties, the upper class-man are still doing the same type of penalties as what they did their freshman year. Face mask? seriously?

I just don’t see the change that third year players should have made over time. The only one I can see is Dylan G (Db, formerly Lake) and Tonga.

It is time for friendship to stop from making a hard decision, Kalani gave Detmer the boot after one bad year, it is time for the DC to start packing.

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Not making excuses, just observations. As I watched the game (the whole game; I enjoy watching my Cougars, even when it’s clear they’re not going to be able to win), it was just clear that the turnovers and inability to stop Washington on offense sealed their fate that day. You can’t overcome that. Without that (like in the USC game), we have a chance and are in the hunt. Some games, you just don’t get the breaks (not saying it’s just luck, but that’s the way it is. Some games too many things go wrong).

Again, I’m really glad that we at least have potential and hope in any game. This won’t always hold up as the game progresses, but we can shake it off and go get 'em next game.

I see progress and some improvement. We’re not a Bronco defense, by a long shot, but we’re better than some of the LaVell and Crowton ones. I think USC was a mismatch for us, too, like Washington, but we were able to get them to run more than pass and stopped them. We were incapable of stopping Washington, and needed to try some different things (more in the box and force them to throw. Probably would have killed us in the secondary, but that was our only chance was to stop them in the air).

The two face masks looked accidental and incidental to me. Not grab and yank.

Tonga demolished USC, and was easily handled by Washington. That surprised me. D.G. hasn’t been as good in coverage as advertised, in my view.

You have really good insight. Good job. People forget Lavell teams outscored the other teams and defense was optional at times. Not sure what can be done without Williams. Can the others pick up the slack and learn to drive with their legs more.
Have you considered my thoughts about the health of Wilson’s lower back and upper glutes? He wasn’t stepping into his passes well. In my opinion he was slinging or arming the ball. That’s why he was so inaccurate. And perhaps even that is why some receivers were dropping the ball as well.

I remember during Lavell days that we were the most penalize team in the country (80’s) but I think was it on offense dept or was it both on defense side too?. We had very good offense team during those 70’s & 80’s years. We had Fred Whittingham which I believe he was the DC himself which I thought he was very good coach.
During Gary Crowton time we had Bronco Mendahall and he is by far a lot better than Fred Whitt and current DC today. BM beat us twice when he was at NMU that we all remember that. And GC hired Bronco.

Are we getting better in defense side? Well, we will never be like what we had with BM during those days. Who would be the next DC to take this Kalani childhood friend “I don’t know how to pronounce his name - Ilaisia Tuiaki or should I say IT for short?”
Anyway, it is up to Kalani Sitake if he wants to continue to be head coach at BYU.

No you are commenting on what you see-good posts. We all come back hoping for a good season. Hopefully we will get back the confidence level that was a trademark of BYU football

I don’t really have a problem with Sitake. I like his demeanor and enthusiasm. Edwards wasn’t a great x and o’s type of guy, but a great manager of people and he hired great minds especially on the offensive side. Whether those types of hires are still available at BYU-I don’t know. Teams like WSU, who have been consistent doormats, have resurrected new life with innovative coaches such as Mike Leach that have made them dynamic competitors.

I also like Sitake. He is very personable. He has a little too much loyalty to friends on the staff. L Edwards made sure he had good football minds on his staff. Sitake probably needs to learn that performance is the measuring stick and hold his assistants accountable for players behavior on the field and also the performance of the players under the control of the assistants. DC should be gone mid season.

How do you know he isn’t doing this?

Maybe later in his coaching career, and when ■■■■ Schmidt was the DC, but during the glory days, we had more defensive players going to the NFL than offensive players.

Observation: I have notice over the past few years that the defensive front seven has become less and less effective. Why?

We have always had a stud front seven, with several players making it in the NFL (Warner, Van Noy, Kaufusi brothers, etc.).
I started thinking about it, when did this change start? I believe it is when they asked Steve Kaufusi to move from line coach to LB coach and then asked him to “retire” (have heard some information about the retirement, I also heard that Steve was actually asked by Bronco to go with him, but Kaufusi did not want to uproot his family).

Both Bronson and Corbin were coached by their dad, and it showed. They both had chances to go to the NFL, Devin their younger brother was suppose to be better than both his older brothers, but I have not seen the improvement over the last year. Why? because he is coached by Luiltaki (sp?). Which in my opinion is not very good.

just a thought.

Agreed, he is better at stopping the run, or hitting after the receiver catches the ball. we really have not had good corner guys to cover the field for a long time.

That was in the days of Coach Roger French who “taught” his lineman to hold. It got to the point that they use to wear gloves the same color as the opposing teams, just to minimize the penalties. But if there was a “Stupid” mistake made by a lineman, they got pulled and French would give them a tongue lashing that would embarrass a sailor. :open_mouth:

BYU had several lb’s play in the NFL as well as linemen. Todd Shell comes to mind as one. If I remember correctly most of the defensive weakness was in the secondary

Agreed on Sitake and I believe he is a player’s coach. Unfortunately, if BYU doesn’t make bowl eligible, he is probably gone. BYU probably needs to win 2 of the next three to assure that happens. Play well and I believe they can even defeat BSU, who hasn’t exactly been lighting it up, though they are ranked and undefeated.

I don’t know about that. He was uncharacteristically inaccurate on his long passes Saturday. I’m going to wait and see — I suspect/hope that it was just a bad outing. Washington had something to do with it. He was under pressure all day.

He’s too loosy-goosy for my taste (I’m really old school), and the dancing and high-fiving isn’t my thing. I’m not calling for him to be fired, and I don’t know whom we would replace him with. .

He does handle problems and scandals well, from the perspective of the offender. He strikes me as someone who would be understanding and empathetic (more mercy than justice). I think he’s a real player’s coach. Whether that’s a good thing long-term as far as the program, I don’t know.

Aren’t the starting corners injured? DG is playing out of position I think.