Three things BYU football needs to fix to beat Utah

I agree with Ron Jensen’s analysis that the three most obvious changes that must happen for BYU to have ANY chance at beating Utah are time of possesion (stop the 3 and outs), find and execute a running game (plenty of work needed here), and get a quarterback in the saddle (help Tanner with his issues or put someone else in). This is really a make or break situation for the Cougars. We want to believe in our new coaching staff and the team’s rigorous preparation. Go Cougars!

Hoge is more athletic than Tanner is this year. I believe that the sitting of Mangum in 2016 was his undoing. He seems to have lost his determination and ability to move faster in the game at QB. Beau hadn’t played in six hundred and some days and he had to start against a great Wisconsin team. He needs more reps and more game time to improve.It wouldn’t hurt to have some receivers who could run routs and to be able to catch the ball.

It will be interesting to see what changes Detmer will make to his offensive plan to accommodate Hoge. His strengths are quite different than Tanner.