Three things that will determine the cougs' season

BYU topples Wyoming in an ugly 38-24 game, where do they go from here? (

Our run game is not very goood.

Our tackles on defense have to improve, our run defense is also not very good.

Jaron Hall is NFL ready, he’s doing this with poor rushing, injuries to our 3 best receivers, if he were to go down, the ship would sink very quickly.

See my message on the other thread–agreed on all.
Jaren is gone after this year. He has fantastic receivers. Our running game is painful to watch. BYU should take advantage of having this QB while he’s still there. Throw the rock 50 times a game and get some big stats for a QB who deserves to be in the Heisman conversation.

@BSU and @Liberty look like tough games to me. ND doesn’t look very good but BYU will likely come out overhyped (like in Eugene) and crap the bed. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a team more poorly prepared than BYU vs Oregon. Oregon’s D is simply not very good, yet somehow that game was over in 10 minutes flat.

The fun game will be Arkansas–their D is not great and our O should be able to put up a lot of points, but I think KJ Jefferson and Co. will absolutely have their way with our D. KJJ looks like a Taysom Hill clone–he can outrun LB and flat out pancake DBs. Arkansas has 2000 yards of offense in 4 games

I don’t think I saw the transfer from Cal get a single carry until well into the second half. BYU rarely ran the ball in the first half and were tied 17-17 because of it. The play calling and game plan to get BYU into some kind of rhythm on offense and defense is non existent.

What exactly is the game plan every week?

If someone knows, please enlighten us.

It’s rare but I actually agree with you :sunglasses:

was at game last night. Great atmosphere, but big concerns.
In order
1 - run offense. Late second half doesn’t count for much. Minus 30 yards in first half? Against USU?
2 - run defense. over 100 yds first half? Against USU? That rush 3 is a killer. Stupid scheme to be the main scheme is mind-boggling.
3 Field goal kicking. Sorry - Jake the Make is Jake the Snake (bitten). Feel bad for him especially when he was soooo good. Have to yank him.

ND and Arkansas are going to kill us if we don’t make some significant changes.

Stupid Scheme is right. 4 on the line Dline vs. 6 Oline with linebackers filling in gaps is a recipe for 5 yds on every down. And this against a unproven QB.

Time to move on, Sorry Jake. you have the yips but no way would I put him in on a game saving try at this point.

Either Kalani Sitaki have to fire his cousin Tuiaki or he takes over defensive coordinator for the rest of the year.

BYU need to start fast next week or look really bad On prime time national TV

You know what will happen against ND. BYU will give them 5 yds on every carry and hope to score enough on O to keep the game close. The thought makes me sick

Jake also just missed an extra point too. Time to move on. Don’t know what happened.

I have a source inside the team- this person told me that Coach Unga lit into Brooks at halftime of the USU game. Brooks was much better in the 2nd half.

The season was pretty much determined after the Oregon loss. We’ll head to a third-tier bowl and play a second-rate team. I say good riddance to Independence.

That doesn’t mean I expect the team to roll over, but the primary motivation is pride for the players and recruiting for the coaches.

IIRC, Fesi and Kalani are cousins. Ilaisa and Kalani are very good friends who have coached together for almost 15 years.

The difference between Ituiki and Fesi Stiake is that Fesi is a “proven” coach.

He was the OC for Weber State before coming to BYU. His last year there, Weber State played for the National Championship for their football division using Fesi Offensive schemes.

So far, Ituaiki coaches the D-line that has proven to be ineffective year in and year out (Wish we had kept Steve Kaufusi) and as a DC, Ituiki is simply the worst DC currently in college football (IMHO).

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what’d I say?
BYU football: Can No. 16 Cougars stand up to well-rested and surging Notre Dame in Las Vegas? (

USU rushed for 200 on BYU. ND rushed for close to 300 on a NC defense that is rated 104, byu defense is rated 56

UNC defense is an abomination. Anyone can rack up huge yardage against them and does on a weekly basis.

BYU has much better talent on D than does UNC. So why are we so frustrated almost every game? Because the point remains that BYU’s entire scheme is built around conceding yardage and thus TOP to our opponents. So yeah I think ND will have little trouble moving the ball and forcing Jaren to watch most of the game from the sidelines.