Tickets for BYU Vs Notre Dame Oct 8th

Haha, your the one that is so happy with a capitalistic society so stop complaining.

This is just another example of what I try to explain to you all the time… and it’s wrong.

but I have given up doing so.

Why is this a problem Floyd?

I thought you liked it.


Georgia coach just got a contract worth 112 million for 10 years.

People will continue to starve to death and live on the street… including people who want to work and have a family.

Welcome to the new world…

What does an economic plan have to do with stealing and coveting? Stealing doesn’t happen with socialism? Come on man :slight_smile:

I have never liked how BYU Sports administration treated their fans that stuck with them during the glory years when the renovated the stadium. They moved people from their seats that had them for years, only to give them to some corporate hack that only came to entertain their clients.

I had many friends around me when I had season tickets that like me was forced not to renew because I did not have the funds available for their insane increased prices.

That is why now, I tape the games, do what I want while BYU is playing and then decide if I want to watch the game at a later time or delete the recording.

It has been years since I attended a live sporting event of any kind. For $500.00 you can buy a good 55 inch TV, if you don’t already have one, and watch nearly all the BYU games in HD TV, for the price of one ticket, in the comfort of your home. Most people now have nice, big HD TVs. Why fight the crowds and traffic and pay for grossly over priced tickets and overpriced junk food at the concession stand. You can have a great seat in your den and you can buy a whole grocery bag full of garbage food for the same price you would pay for one hot dog, a soda, and some chips at concession stand prices. If you need to take a leak you won’t have to fight your way to a public restroom and worry about missing a big play. Just pop into your bathroom between plays and you probably won’t miss a thing.

If you want a real game experience during colder weather take off your shirt and turn your AC way down and paint your face blue like some 19-20’year old jacka$$ then you can feel like a real fan.

I almost always record the games. I can cut through the commercials and don’t have to spend so much time watching a game. I generally skip the halftime stuff as well.

Nothing beats being at the game…

Have fun going to the game in Las Vegas

BYU is earning 2 mil from the game which is more than they would earn from it being played in Provo. Plus they split 60/40 with ND on the gate. ND getting the 60! ND gets 3 mil from TV. ND gets more overall money than BYU but BYU still gets far more money than holding the game in Provo. So, there you have the reasoning that Holmoe probably used to go for it.

The downside is that BYU won’t have a home game with ND. The upside could be 2 million plus more than we would have earned if we did host the game in Provo.

The other upside is that most of the money made from this game will come out of the pockets of ND fans …… the downside is that there will be a lot of BYU fans unable or unwilling to attend the game in Vegas.

The biggest upside is BYU winning the game!

You can buy anything in this world for money…

It is certainly true in college football!!!