Tickets for BYU Vs Notre Dame Oct 8th

Is it just me, or does the price to attend the game seem a bit high? Thoughts?
BYU Cougars vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Allegiant Stadium • Las Vegas, NV
Sat, Oct 8 • Time TBD
$665 each Section 411 • Row 1 or Section 441 • Row 11
$766 each Section 343 • Row 15
$848 each WYNN VIP… • Row GA
$862 each Section 141 • Row 35
$959 each Section 140 • Row 35
$1065 each Section 128 • Row 36
$1553 each Section C111 • Row 36

The price sound ridiculous. What was the price when BYU played Arizona last fall?

If it is true how much the cost for the ticket then why ND would not come to Provo? Ridiculous

Tickets for the BYU Vs Boise State game November 5th are as low as $70 and the tickets for the BYU Vs Oregon game September 17th are as low as $77.

What happened to the days when I was a student and I got tickets to 6 games for $18 ($3 per game) and then the price went up to $21 for six home games the next year. The seats were random around the stadium, some on the sidelines and others in the end zone, but it was always a good view.

Let me clarify that this was in the late 80’s, only a couple years after BYU won the national championship.

Lastly, my question would be what kind of idiot would pay $1,000 to sit in a stadium and watch a football game? I am getting more and more disenchanted with the direction society is headed… every day.

Notre Dame is a money machine. What a joke. Are the Las Vagas tickets Biden’s fault or Putin’s ?

Late 70’s we got free tickets if you were willing to sit in the cold stands for hours. Same with Basketball.


1979 was my first time going to BYU football games , students would get two tickets for free on the east side benches which was nice. And then the stadium expanded and students had to pay less than five dollars per seats which I don’t remember how much it was.
No I don’t know how much it is by General single game tickets at Lavell Edwards Stadium.

Reading this article today really turned me off. I would never pay that kind of money on any games like this. BYU should have said play the game at Provo or Forget it.

BYU will earn more money by playing Notre Dame in Vegas than at home. ND controls the pricing and BYU will earn more money than they would as a LES game and the cancelation fee combined. Let the ND people pay the prices and we will cash the check!

Many of us agree with you, David. It would be wonderful to have BYU fans represented there, but not at that cost–at least for me. My easy chair is usually a better seat anyway. I’m looking for a great game and winning this one without our fan-base there would make it all the sweeter.

Sorry to tell you this, but the prices of the games is “Controlled” by Notre Dame.

There was an article about it:
"“We have a limited number of tickets. They have given us some sections to work with,” Santiago said. “Notre Dame controls the prices, and the pricing is pretty aggressive. Tickets in the lower sections are between $400 and $500.”

Why BYU is calling game vs. Notre Dame in Vegas a ‘win, win’ for the Cougars - Deseret News

That all changed at BYU when the renovated LES. they moved the student section to the end zone and made those section “exclusive” to big time donors and corporations. They started caring more about the $$$ than the everyday fan.

It is one of the reasons I stopped having season tickets, BYU priced me out of them, could not afford those tickets and feed my family.

Why is this a home game for Notre Dame when they owe us a home game on contract? Something Catholics don’t like about some of the Ten Commandments like stealing and coveting?

So, who is “Rudy” going to run out holding the team flag for?

Read the article, it explains it in detail.

Naw, it’s beneficial for BYU to win and they will at home. Getting to a New Year’s 1st bowl would bring in a lot more money. ND went back on their word. They do not do honor in their business dealings.

Maybe, but the fact remains Tom Holmoe our AD let them do it…

According to the article, BYU will get more money than if ND cancelled their game.

So BYU is still all about the $$$$

That’s the small thinking picture. The big thinking picture is beating ND in Provo and going to the NC game for a lot more $$$$ :grinning:

Insofar as Boise State, the price goes up quite a bit as you go to the sidelines: $150 for upper level between the goal line and the 20, $278 for tickets on the lower level between the 30 and 50.

When coaches get paid what they do, this is what happens.