Title Game, Michigan vs. Washington

Everybody, two questions:
1 You prediction on who wins, why you think they will win, your score

2 Will you be doing a party/get-together, if so, what food will be at that party.

I typically have a core of four friends,
one brings wings in hot, bbq
one brings chips and dips, salsas, bean dip.
one brings smoked brisket
I always make sour dough pizzas or pizza rolls. and a salad, that sits over there by itself, neglected

I want Washington to win for Penix’s snubbing on the Heisman.
Would be happy to see Harbough win. Reed and Tom’s discussion on signal stealing have me rethinking my views. Let’s just say, I would be a killer IN-Game head coach or OC, always looking for an edge or to use my foe’s tendencies against them.

Who wins?
College Football Daily Lines with Odds and Spread - ESPN
74% Michigan
2024 College Football Odds - NCAAF Betting Odds & Lines (vegasinsider.com)
Michigan -4.5
Massey Ratings - University of Michigan Wolverines
71% Michigan, 31-24

I will say Washington 41-38 Michigan in OT

  1. Michigan 30-24. I don’t think UDub will be able to run the ball and Penix will be good but not good enough to win it by himself. Although that WR he has is in full-time Beast Mode.
  2. No fiesta at my place. If I were in Utah visiting my grandkids I’d show up at your house with my wife’s home made pepperjack mac-n-cheese–it goes perfectly with wings because when the sauce from the wings mixes with the mac-n-cheese, well, it’s kinda what heaven has to be like…

The door is always open.

Noted, Michigan stops the run. But as Corso would say, “Not So Fast, my friend”. Bama got 116 yards on 69% completion from Jalen Milroe for the game. We will see how the officials call the game. if they are picky on reciever calls, Wash wins, if they let them play, Mich. wins

Never watch it — I am protesting the whole corrupt process of determining the Champion.
Therefore, never have a get together.

Now talk about doing the Super Bowl… that is a whole different story.

How does this help with you eating “Healthy”? LOL

Okay Floyd. Reach over and pat yourself on the back…:disguised_face:

Unless BYU is in the bowl game, I don’t watch any bowl games either.

Boring life. But, you are more judgmental than the rest of us. Should be a great game!

hahahaha, I eat healthy so that I can cheat once in a blue moon. Dec is tough with all the junk people bring by.

Not really,

While you are watching the game, I will be out snowmobiling or going with family to Lava Hot Springs or helping my neighbors or family members with some problem. Or better yet, sitting down with the BOM and reading.

I will be rooting for Michigan but hesitate to make a prediction. I will say Michigan about 35-31. Late in the season their offense slowed a little because McCarthy wasn’t full strength. He appears to be about 100% again. I noted Washington’s 1000 yard rb got injured late in the Texas game. That could hurt them if he can’t play.

I usually get together with an old guy I minister to whose wife died about ten years ago. We meet at his house with his landlord, his landlord’s son, and brother in law, and another old guy from the ward. We do this annually and meet again for a Super Bowl. One of the guys brings an assortment of wings, there are the usual chips and dips, and somebody usually brings some chili.

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Michigan 38 Udub 17. It’s their year - 3rd times the charm. Just think they have all the pieces this time.
No tradition on who and what food.
Will be in Vegas this week to get warm and lounge about
Go Blue!

You got the scoring margin right and just barely missed on the score. When you dominate the line of scrimmage you can neutralize a great offense by controlling the ball on offense and making the other team one dimensional. I guess great line play still wins big games.

Thanks. It was good guessing!
I really enjoyed the game of course (favorite teams 2a and 2b).
It is soooooo much fan watching “your” team win it and know a lot of people back in Ann Arbor that are just going crazy.
I hope we BYU fans get to experience that one of these decades (“So, you’re telling me there’s a chance”). If coach Hill keeps on bringing 4 stars and ARod gets a clue or gets the big boot - maybe, just maybe.
And, btw, staying in Vegas literally 200 yards from the Sphere - super impressive and it is about 45 degrees warmer than back home in Idaho. So a great week for me

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Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports, potentially Michigan’s biggest fan, bet $1m on Michigan beating Alabama. I hear he doubled down on Michigan beating UDub. Now THATS a solid start to the year!

Michigan deserved it, start to finish.
If you are from Idaho I’m sure you are aware Michigan’s TE #18 is a kid from Gooding, ID, a tiny town near Twin Falls (I think). Future FOR SURE NFL TE. He’s a devastating blocker and wildly athletic catching the ball and running after the catch.

Congrats to Michigan and Harbough. I think he finished inking his new NFL deal by now…WCS?

Two images that left an impression on me at the end of the game. A proud father celebrating with his two sons, one just won the NT, the other on the cusp of a World Champ. Second, the Michigan player who caught up with a completely injured Penix Jr in the tunnel to give him a word and a pat before heading back to celebrate with the victors.

Never mind the image of sulking Wash. players who cried, Boo Hoo forever while everyone else had long left the field.

My wife looked up the Idaho player. Yes from a small town. Had lots of offers but chose Michigan
I’m Not from Idaho - grew up in Tacoma - but retired to Idaho about 5 years ago and it is great up here in northeastern Idaho. Lots of older couples also retired.
Why Idaho? Because it’s not Utah!! Or the west coast!

My brother, who is not a member of the LDS church, retired about 15 years ago (at the age of 50 or 51) as a state employee civil engineer from the CA Bay Area to a small town near Twin Falls Idaho. I asked him “Why Idaho? You don’t know anyone there and don’t have any connections to Idaho.” His response: “Well, land is cheap, beer is cheap, and all the Mormons are nice to me. Plus, I’m young and healthy but Cali has the dumbest people in the world in charge of the state, and those total idiots will pay me my salary FOREVER to NOT work.” He’s been raking in that whopping Cali state pension and working for himself doing engineering jobs in Idaho all these years and loves living there.

That is the recipe. Utah Valley had a 1000 people moving in per MONTH. People ask me all the time,“When will the housing show down in Utah?” Answer- never thanks to the Newsom’s of the world. Hope and pray that cali. politics stay in cali and don’t take root this this great state

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I don’t blame my brother–he laughs and says “those people are idiots but I worked for them and knew they were stupid enough to pay me to not work so I kept voting for them.” My brother benefitted from the system but he’s not him to blame–it’s the system. I don’t mind people working for the government, and I don’t mind government funded pensions. I don’t even mind people retiring at 45 or 50 years old if they spend 25 years in a job where they risk getting killed (cops, military and fire are excluded from my rant). But my bro was a high paid engineer in a cozy office reviewing building plans. He got high pay for low pressure. So what I DO mind is when a young engineer in perfect health and strong as an ox is able to retire at age 50 with a HIGH income for life, because the state then hires a replacement and for the next 15 years (that my bro would have been happy to work), the state pays two people (my bro and the replacement) to do the same job. Multiply that by tens of millions of people and you have some pretty serious financial problems…As of 2022 California’s state debt was $145 BILLION, AND in 2022 alone almost 350 THOUSAND people moved OUT of California–the highest in the nation. Spiraling debt and fewer people to pay taxes is a bad recipe, but their governor and legislature simply don’t seem to care, because they are insulated from any economic pains since like in any society, the people with the money make the rules. Historically, if enough people suffer long enough, they revolt against the government. Will it happen in Cali? It’s an interesting case to follow.


Glad Harbaugh won. Great family. NCAA should be shrouded in shame for attacking one of the few really good guys in college football when it’s filled with so many rascals.