To show appreciation to our new much more experienced coaches

Naw, it’s not far too early for this type of hype.
I think our new OC and his assistants deserve the early hype.

BYU 28 Vs. Arizona 27 Win
28 Vs. Cal 27 Win
28 Vs. Wisconsin 40 Loss
Mc Neese State No ‘contest
28 Vs. Washington 34 Loss
Utah St. No Contest
Hawaii No contest
N. ILL No contest
28 Vs. Boise St. 27 Win
UMASS No contest
New Mexico St. No Contest
28 Vs. Utah Utes 27 Win

Season Ending 4 Win 2 losses and 6 N/A.

Go Cougars!!!

10-2, with wins over Arizona, Cal, Utah St., Hawaii, Boise St., Northern Illinois and Utah (I’m also not sure UMass and New Mexico St. are gimmees for the Cougars, either)? Playing Washington and Wisconsin close?


I think we’re going to continue to have epic struggles to move the ball and get first downs, even against not good competition, to be honest.

Sitake will be a Coach of the Year candidate if he goes 10-2, especially with this schedule, and especially given the program problems last year.

I’ll be happy with a winning record.

Ditto Rubicon. I do have some hope with the new OC. But the schedule is daunting.I think BYU will surprise some teams. The best I could see is seven or eight wins, One of those easier games will prove to be a loss. If we have some mid season success maybe we could upset Boise St. later on in the schedule. I can see possible wins over Arizona (maybe), Cal, McNeese, USU, Hawaii, No. Ils…, UMASS., NM ST. But any one or two of those games could result in a loss. The Utah game we should be the dogs. It is according to how the Utah season goes. A win there would be a Blue Glasses Special.


I’m okay with losses to Wisconsin and Washington, if we can have wins vs Arizona, Cal,
Boise State and Utah.

I still refuse to recognize the other teams as I want us to, (win or lose), schedule like a P5 Independent team, playing no less than 9 P5 teams per season with a strong season SOS.

If we schedule, and LEARN to play, like a P5 Independent, (like ND), than when, after a few more years of practice, we start winning more than we lose against the P5 teams, than, we will have EARNED the title of a true Independent P5 team.

That is what I want. I am willing to be patient with losses as long as I can see that our goal is on the right path.


I share some, not all, but some of your opinions. I do appreciate your post.

  1. Yes, I feel that a 10-2 season is out of the question for this season.

  2. Yes, I believe that in 2018 we will improve over 2017 but still have many struggles.
    You can’t make sweet orange juice out of lemons, no matter how good and
    pure the lemons are. We can’t expect 0,1.,2,3 star players that we have, to be, on a
    regular basis, in any one season, equal to the 4 and 5 star players that we go against vs
    the P5 teams that we play. We need to find some way, (I don’t know how), to attract
    more of our 4-5 star athletes to BYU.

  3. Yes, I am willing to have a winning season (6-6) this season with losses to Wisconsin and
    Washington. I will be very disappointed, but I will survive, if we do not have wins over
    Arizona, Cal, Boise State, and Utah.

  4. I will have a very difficult time with losses to any of the other teams on our schedule.


If I see progress; If I see us headed down a path that will make us a true P5 Independent team, (ND); If I see us programing not less than 9 P5 teams per season, (win or lose), I don’t care as long as I see progress and evidence that we are indeed LEARNING HOW TO PLAY P5 teams like the P5 conference teams and ND plays each season, than I am willing to go 6-6 seasons between now and 2024 when the conference realignment is expected to come back and the new TV contracts are made.

My sole goal in the next season is to look and be competitive. I can handle losing (even to Northern Illinois, etc.), but as long as we’re in the game and competitive, that will be vast improvement over last year and give me hope for the future.

Struggling mightily to move the ball, having regular <150 yard passing games, etc. will make me very nervous. We should be able to get first downs and score some points, even against Washington and Wisconsin. If we can’t, and we struggle against some lesser teams, that will indicate to me that the BYU glory days are over.


To a degree, I agree with the patience which you have regarding the win/loss column.

I agree that while learning how to play a tough SOS, we should be grateful to have a 6-6 winning season,

I agree that while learning how to play vs P5 teams, while a 3-2 season vs P5 teams would be nice, while learning how to play them, I would be content with a 2-3 season vs them.

Where we do not agree is while playing any FCS team, or while playing any G5 team ranked anywhere close to 70 or less, than I have no patience for losing to these teams. Instead I see it as a lack of discipline among both the players and the coaches and I call for a change.

The thing is that the other teams prepare and do their best, too. I think we act like we should just go by the ESPN simulations and not play the games at all when we act like we (or anyone else) should never, ever lose to XYZ. It is possible for Troy St. or whoever to beat an LSU or whomever, and that’s what makes sports great. And we of all programs should not be so arrogant as to assume that games are a given.

We love it when we play the spoiler and pull off a major upset, but then assume that underdogs cannot or should never be able to do the same to us. That isn’t how life or sports works. It is always possible, but sometimes the stars have to align in just the right way.

I am not so hung up on a perfect record as I am with just looking good and being competitive with everyone again. If we make it back to that, then things will take care of themselves, and sometimes the stars will align for us against the big boys, too.


I appreciate your logic.

I am guilty of wanting to play 9 P5 teams per season, win or lose, while learning how to play a P5 type schedule.

While wanting that opportunity to do so, (Playing teams above us), I am not willing to let the FCS team or any G5 team ranked below the projected 70 mark play us. I find it disgusting for us to play (give me) games while trying hard to be recognized as a P5 Independent worthy of respect.

I see the hypocrisy in my own actions, but hey, I never said I was perfect or even near to that term.

I want to play 9 P5 teams, (Perhaps the lowest ranked P5 teams, but none the less, P5 teams), per season. 6-6 seasons would bring great praise from me playing 9 P5 teams per season + 3 G5 teams (preseason) ranked above 70.

I would rather lose a close game, 28 - 35 to a P5 team, than to win 7-48 to a G5 ranked below 70 or 0-52 to any FCS team.

So no, I have no need for a 10-2 or 11-1 season vs Patsies. We did that under Bronco. There is no returning now.

I don’t think it’s mathematically feasible to play schedules with no patsies. Especially as an independent. You have to fill up your slots and have at least 12 games, and we’re not in a conference.

I hope last year was an outlier. I have loved independence (love the schedules, even with some San Jose St.'s thrown in there), but we had several games last year where we couldn’t get first downs to save our lives (didn’t cross midfield against LSU). If we struggle like that for years (hopefully last year was an anomaly), then I would not want to play a straight P5 schedule. If we’re competitive and don’t look awful, then I am happy to play them all, even if we lose.

Maybe we’re just shell-shocked because last year was so bad. Even in the Crowton losing seasons, we could score points on anyone.


I find nothing in your statement that I can find fault with. All that you say is extremely reasonable and perhaps probably.

My concern is this: The only way, the we can ever learn to qualify to play in a P5 conference or be considered a P5 Independent team is to LEARN HOW TO PLAY A P5 SCHEDULE. If we can not learn how to play a P5 schedule before becoming a P5 team, than how can we ever expect to be a successful P5 team if by some chance we ever get invited into a P5 conference? “Faith Without Works, Is Dead”. “God helps those that help themselves” etc. Yes, while learning to play the P5 schedule vs P5 teams, we will suffer many defeats; We will have much disappointment.

I understand and I accept those defeats and those disappointments that will happen during the period of learning and during the period of suffering, and during the disappointing times full of growing pain.

As long as I can actually see that we indeed are growing and becoming more like a P5 team, through experience of playing those teams and those schedules, I am not one that expects or demands a lot of wins. I do expect that pray that we will learn as fast as possible and grow as fast as possible and remain dedicated to that cause as much as possible.

If we look for a Mission Statement, with long and short term goals, of SUCCESS for our BYU Cougar Team, I would write the following:

Mission Statement:

While maintaining our culture, our beliefs and our integrity in the University and it’s Standards and the Church which owns it, we shall also respect those that do not share and/or live by our beliefs.

We will say nothing about any person or organization unless it is respectful. We will not force our will on others, We recognize that others have their free agency to choose or reject those cultural attitudes which they believe to be true. We will be a friend to all citizens in this nation which we love and respect. We will do onto others as we would have them do onto us.

We shall use our BYU Cougar Football team as an instrument for gaining national respect by being honest, true, respectable to all, even to those that may not be respectable to us.
We will always take the high road. We will never get involved in controversy. Controversy is not what our football team is about and it will never take part of it. The goal of our football team is to be the best they can be on and off the field. This does not include controversy.

We shall support our team at all times be it during times of success or times of disappointment and while doing this, we shall always be open and able to receive suggestions on how we can continually improve, not only our play on the field, but also our image in the world and how the world perceives of to be.

Short Term Goal:

Recruit like, train like, schedule like and act like, a RESPECTED P5 team until such time as we are truly recognized nationally as an Independent P5 team or a member of a P5

Stick tight to our beliefs and live them without compromise, but never expect those that do not believe the same as we do, to live our beliefs unless they want to.

Keep politics out of our BYU Cougar Football team. Concentrate on being the best team that we are capable of being. While trying to recruit the very best players possible, also, always try to recruit the best coaches available, and pay those coaches a competitive stipend at market prices.

Long Term Goal

Be recognized as a very competitive P5 team Independent/or in a P5 Conference, that is respected not only for the winning on the filed, but also for being a great team that is non judgmental, leaving all judgement to God, and a team that is liked and a team that is easy to get along with, and a team that is respected by all.


Playing a 9 P5 schedule TO START WITH is next to impossible. I agree 100% with you.
However, the more we strive to do so, and the more we become successful in doing so, the easier it will be to do so. ND never has a problem scheduling any amount of P5 teams that they are will to play.

Yes, I agree, that we are no ND, -----not yet !
ND was not always the powerful and coveted team that we know today.
ND once, many decades ago, had to work hard to get where they are today.

Why should we think that we are exempt from working as hard as DN had to work in order to get the respect that they enjoy today?