Tom Holmoe comments

this past week, Tom Holmoe was on our local sports program “Talking Sports”.

It was a two part interview and basically was about what he is doing to get BYU ready for the Big12 entrance.

He has some interesting comments about how there is a group of people working on the transition and how BYU will do it “Their way” as to oppose to doing it some other college way. How they are going through each of the current contracts and seeing which ones they keep which ones they do away with. His point was that he wanted to get that part done early so the other team can have time to fill the game slot. It was mentioned that Kalani salary was below mid range of the other coaches salaries in the Big 12, of course Tom would not touch that with a comment.

Another part was about how recruiting needs to step up to get the players that can compete in the big 12. He mentioned that Pope was doing just that, because according to Tom the Big 12 is the conference of the best basketball right now.

I have been trying to find a link to it on the internet, but so far, no luck… So until then I will post things that I remember about his comments.

Floyd, thanks for posting this!! For those of us outside of Utah who follow BYU mostly via DesNews and a few other articles picked up by cougar fan, it’s great to hear these additional comments and perspectives.

I will post later on it but I have a feeling Pope is far more likely to stay at BYU than Kalani, but time will tell.

Just wish that I could find a link to it… You would be really like what T. Holmoe is saying.

BYU is in the hunt for another big time bball recruit, stay posted

I will post later on it but I have a feeling Pope is far more likely to stay at BYU than Kalani, but time will tell.

BYU doners need to find $$ to keep Pope at BYU

My understanding is that the issue isn’t the money–it’s that some members of the BOT believe that it sends the “wrong message” or some such nonsense to pay a topline HC salary–even if every penny is donated to BYU and doesn’t come from the church. But there are also high-level respected people inside the room saying that the money pales in comparison to the damage done to BYU’s “greater mission” if we go to the Big12 and become a bottom-dweller–which is exactly what will happen if we lose Coach Pope. I think it goes something like this:

Ryan Smith: “I want BYU to be a powerhouse. Coach Pope is the answer. I’ll give you the money to pay him.”
BYU BOT: “Gosh, it may send the wrong message to have a coach making $6m/year.”
Ryan: “It may send the right message for BYU to be a perennial power, increasing positive publicity for the university and the church 100 fold and, by the way, making BYU millions in extra revenue.”
BYU BOT: “Hmmm…well, we will have to get back to you. We are really busy these days evaluating how short mens’ shorts can be or how long their whiskers can be on campus before we turn them into standards.”
Ryan: “Ok, I’ve got the check written. Just let me know ASAP before Mark Pope is the new coach at UK and we never see him again.”

You really think Kalani is going to leave after getting kids to come home to BYU from other schools? And, before going to the Big 12? I don’t know what he makes but he seems like a grateful kind of person to be where he is. Even though there are fans who rag on him about his picks for assistant coaches. Maybe the fans just have to stay out of it and chill.

I wouldn’t blame a 43 year old guy making say $1.5m at his Alma Mater for leaving to make say a guaranteed 5 years for $30m. He goes from rich to absolute generational wealth.

If he can’t make that money grow in 22 years to retirement to be generation to generation wealth then he needs a new investment advisor

If Kalani cannot wait until BYU gets into the B12 so as to afford to pay him more money, I will volunteer to drive him to the airport. If 1.5 to 2 million is not enough in the short term, then: don’t let the door hit ya, where the good lord split ya.

You make an excellent point. I said I wouldn’t blame a guy for taking the money now, but I’d also be happy to ride shotgun with you to the airport and help him with his bags.

Okay Tom,
I have an assignment for you… LOL

I heard a rumor this week that basically said that BYU BOT is the real issue for not paying the coaches higher salaries.

From what the person said, the BOT does not want to send the wrong message about how important sports are by paying their coaches more money.

Can you talk to your contacts about if this is true? Asking for a friend!! :open_mouth:

Floyd, tell your friend that unfortunately he hit the nail on the head.

Remind me who the BOT are. Acronym people

Board of Trustees

My son lives in Seattle. He says Washington Huskies are focused in on Sitaki. They want him. Sitaki has gotten players to come home to Provo like the Nacua brothers, one from Washington. Think Sitaki will bolt from his home? Is money everything to our coaches? Or, does Sitaki have more to prove? I think he does.

I don’t know him personally enough to make a comment on what you wrote. But from an outside perspective, it appears to me that money is secondary to Kalani’s personality. I think he would take it if offered.

I think he wants to build the BYU program into what Lavell accomplished, but in order to do that, he has to have time to develop it.

I also think Coach Whittingham has some influence on him and Kalani sees what he has done at Utah(Winningest coach in Utah history).Coach Whitt has had multiple offers to go to bigger named schools, but has declined because he loves the environment (at least what people I know who works with KWhitt says about him), which was one of the reason he turned down BYU originally.

So to be honest, I am not sure if Kalani would bolt to the PAC-12. What would be the advantage if BYU is going soon to Big12? Washington program has as many titles as they have losing seasons lately. So what would be the lure to go, I could see maybe USC, but not Washington.

I’m going to post a piece written up on Kalani. This is probably the most important thing I’ll ever post here. Everyone can make their own assumptions on whether Sitake will stay or go.

Not USC either. In football it’s like Wooden in basketball. If the alumni can get off his back about being perfect every year, I think he knows he’s making enough to be happy. And he will get a raise when we are in the P5 league. Same with Pope.

Chris, I finally got a chance to watch this. Wow.