Tonight's Game: East Carolina

Right now kick off against East Carolina is just a little over an hour away. I don’t think BYU will win. My only hope is that the fans don’t boo once BYU falls behind 45-12.

Strange 3rd down play. What was that???

Defense hasn’t changed. Offense didn’t look real great either.

17-17 @ the half. Closer than i thought it would be

Sitake as a D play caller - meh
BYU O line - meh
BYU intellectual plays - meh
BYU D - blah
BYU O - meh
BYU coaching staff as a whole - meh
BYU team as a whole - meh
Reason to continue to spend my time and money the rest of the games - NOT!

Oh yeah, I forgot: J Hall as QB above average but certainly not elite.

My prediction for BYU in their first years of the B12: bouncing between the last 3 teams in the conference for the first 5 years. Sitake will not last for more than 3 years in the conference.

I’ve been offered free tickets to the BSU game. I’m thinking of not going. I’m very blue-goggled, but this year has been tough and I would hate to witness a bloodbath in Boise.

Every play is called by an idiot offensive coordinator. Absolutely no imagination. If you can’t get 2 yards don’t go for it on 4th down. There’s Hall. Use an option call. Ridiculous lack of defense. I am a blue bleeding fan but I respect Whittingham so much more. I’m slowly becoming a Utah fan. BYU is going to get plastered in the next years if changes aren’t made. I could call a better game than this pitiful offense!!!

I’m actually looking forward to the Utah Tech game. Tech has had a tough year, but Paul Peterson’s offenses have been very potent historically. I’m interested in seeing how his team does against BYU’s defense since this could be his audition to be BYU’s next offensive coordinator.


You are correct. It is really hard to watch BYU football and feel good about what we are seeing. I was worked up from the beginning last night and I had to stop and tell my dad, “We just need to enjoy the good things we see and try and ignore all the bad stuff”. That isn’t easy because there isn’t much of the first, but a whole lot of the latter.

So many opportunities to take control of that game last night and win it. ECU seemed to be saying “here, we just did something stupid again so take advantage” yet BYU never seemed able to do it. Finally, in the end, ECU said “okay, we gave you chances and you are on your home field but if you aren’t interested in winning then we are going to go ahead and take the game and win”.

Maybe not those exact words but it sure felt like that.

No more Cougars or “Lambs” for me this year. So much talent wasted by horrible coaches. You are correct in they said East Carolina come beat us. I can’t stand the play calling. Use Halls talents.

I know that it is not true, but I kept thinking during the Liberty game and last night during the ECU game that the OC and DC were trying to throw the game, despite my not being able to come up with a rational reason for that to occur.

It has seemed like this all year. Our offense simply is extremely predictable. It’s amazing that we had so many running yards last night. But, we really only have a couple of plays it seems like. Run into the line. Jet sweep and throw to the sideline mostly behind the line of scrimmage. I haven’t seen a gadget play for weeks now. And, we were successful with them. In the Liberty game, Rex caught a couple of passes in the 1st quarter, one for a touchdown that was 18+ yards and he has nothing since then. Last night, we had a couple of passes towards the middle of the field that went for long yardages in the 1st quarter. But after than, nothing. We go away from what works.

But, this seems to be the way many coaches work. Go away from what is working. In the SP v Fillmore game, SP threw 2 passes down the middle for a total of 80 yards in 14 seconds for a score right before halftime. Then, never threw another pass down the middle. Fillmore hadn’t changed a thing on defense. This is what is happening at BYU. We go away from what works. The first ECU series, we rushed the QB and got to him to stop a pass completion for a first down. And then never did the same thing.

The Hopper’s high school team and the team from a neighboring city have the longest rivalry in Ventura County. It has been a long time since either of them was any good. This year they were both decent and Hoppers alma mater blew the possible win.

That is why he is comparing them to BYU. It has nothing to do with the fact that BYU has been playing like a high school team lately, right Hopper? :wink: