Toolson out getting short on guards

The usual starting guards are seniors Kyle Collinsworth and Chase Fischer along with freshman Nick Emery. Toolson’s departure leaves freshmen Jordan Chatman and Zac Seljaas as the only guard reserves. Chatman has good defensive skills and Seljaas has been an offensive force as of late, scoring 43 points in his past two games.

So Rose usually uses three guards right now KC and CF with Emery, Zeljaas now getting regular minutes leaving really only the one reserve Chatman…at least now he’s likely to get regular time and be able to get his mojo back the way it was last summer.

But next year…short again. Wonder if Austin whose on campus or Calvert whose not enrolling till next fall somewhere, can come back?

look at this as a blessing in disguise. Now Chatman will get some needed minutes.Will we be in need of guards? Last I checked we have 4 solid guys. and next year we lose 2 in KC and Fischer but gain TJ and Bryant.

This is a blessing in disguise. Very excited

I like your positive attitude once again Chris but I think we need to look deeper and recognize what might really be going on here. I said it before when Calvert decided to leave and I’ll say it again… if I were a guard with some skills and I sat on the bench watching Chase Fischer throw up bombs with reckless abandon and wearing the longest leash I had ever seen in my career of playing basketball, I would seriously consider leaving too. It is disturbing enough to lose one player in a season but two? I’m sorry, but there is a big problem in Provo. Chris… do you anticipate Chatman getting the 2 or 3 minutes that Toolson and Calvert were getting? because last I checked, Fischer and Collinsworth are getting 35+…

The only players that get away with being volume scorers are in the nba and they are the superstars like Kobe, Lebron and others. Why Fischer is afforded the same luxury is a puzzle I still haven’t figured out. Now it is a puzzle with a couple of possible solutions that have left the program because they don’t understand it as well. I am concerned that KC and CF are alienating the rest of the team because of their selFISCH ways. That doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season.

Many of you may not agree with that but I just call it like I see it.

I haven’t heard or seen anything about Toolson leaving. Where did you get this from?

Wo there horsee!!! Toolson isn’t leaving because of playing time or because Fischer and KC hog the ball or shoot too much. He’s taking a medical leave.

first things first. Toolson has had depression issues (it is why he postponed his mission). He is not leaving the program. There is no fire sale at BYU, Who is to say that Calvert will land in Shangri La at UVU (I think that is what I heard). He should get plenty of minutes and I like his game, but there are no guarantees. I feel for both Chatman and Aytes, they both have battled injuries. The guys that I thought would get more time, Hartsock and Shaw are who I feel for. Hartsock in particular, as he has a smooth 3 ball and is suited for Rose’s offense.

KC will have more confidence in passing to Seljaas and Emery ( I hope) now that they have lead the team in scoring. But it is what it is, KC is not a good point, he is a finisher. Emery should be the point but there is a blood pact with KC and Rose to get KC his history making TDs.

Fischer will have to produce or Rose will have to make him a 6th man or bench him early for a red hot Seljaas.

This Diamondhead classic coming up, BYU definitely got the easy path to the championship. We should beat a down year Harvard team with Auburn or UNM in the wings. O the three, Auburn gets my attention the most and a possible game with OKU, They will destroy BYU.

I would be very happy with 2 wins and a loss over the break

Toolson is taking a “medical leave”… okay then, call it what you want but I’ll put money down that it is directly related to the bombing away of Fischer.

The team is lacking somewhat in the chemistry department and that will be key going forward.

Interesting note here… why is Gonzaga playing Pepperdine? The wcc league play has started already? GU was blowing them out early.

If it’s what he’s saying, perhaps he tried suicide? I think if he has issues, then he needs to take time and get help. Has nothing to do with basketball.

Strange that league starts now. But it’s a rec league :)-

Jim… If what Fish says is true, that Toolson leaving the program for a short time due to depression issues…

Your comments are off base and crass… His depression has NOTHING to do with Fischer “bombing away”… Good greif…

Depression as you know is something serious, and if Toolson feels he needs to deal with it then I admire him for handling it in a positive way.

Sorry, but for once I agree with Scott… Toolson needs to get a handle on it before it becomes a bigger issue.

How do you know what his depression has to do with? I apologize for not being politically correct or sensitive enough for you. Of course depression is serious and the things that trigger it can come from anywhere.

The best thing about this thread is that you and Scott are becoming buddies!

You comment reflects your lack of understanding about Depression…

people do not suffer depression because of other people shooting a basketball… good grief…

I do know “true” depression, I do know what it takes to recognize you need help, I do know that depression is usually caused by an imbalance in your system…

Sorry Jim, but for whatever reason you have choosen to mean about Toolson, I feel sorry that you have no sympathy for the kid.

I have no words… you may be an expert on depression but you totally missed the mark when you said this. Did you really say I have no sympathy for the kid? That’s terrible…

Does this comment sound like you have sympathy for a person dealing with Depression, Jim?

I based my comment on your comments…

It doesn’t sound like anything unless you want it to. Why are you applying alternative meaning to it?

Answer this question… is a person’s depression sometimes affected by the actions of others? what are the reasons for why a person feels depressed? Is there anyone in the history of the world who hasn’t felt a little depressed about things at one time or another?

Maybe you could educate me a little on the subject.

Jim you do realize, that there is a difference between being “down” or “sad” because the actions of others and depression, Right?

Depression is a serious medical condition that can keep you feeling sad, helpless, and uninterested in your favorite activities. It can make you feel like you have to constantly wind yourself up just to get through the day. With all the responsibilities in your busy life, managing depression can be even more overwhelming. It’s not a personal weakness or a condition that you can just “snap out of” and feel better. Feelings of sadness go away with time, whereas depression can last for weeks, months, or even years. Although no single cause of depression has been identified, it appears that genetic, biological and psychological factors may play a role.

It can be a bi product of bipolar. Cutting, alcohol, drug use, attempted suicide and other destructive things often follow without help. We don’t know what he did to warrant this leave. Fischer playing the 2 guard isn’t the reason. It’s rediculous to associate him with severe depression.