Toolson Transfer: It's official

Jake Toolson transfer announcement. Simple. Perfunct. Polite. Nothing more.

Will it affect Dastrup? I thought I remembered they were pretty close and that one of the main reasons he was going to put on Cougar colors was Jake.
Anybody have information on when Dastrup gets back and if he’s signed the LOI for this next year? The announcement on signing day said that RM’s were coming back; not that they had signed LOIs.

I might not have replied if I wasn’t here already and saw this pop up.

It may be “official” now, but this is old news. I was hoping to actually see where he was transferring to.

Your post was nothing more than a “bloviation” of sorts, telling us something we already know. Sort of like when I tell you guys the nba and ncaa are corrupt… :weary:

Thank you so much for your input.
It truly enhanced me knowledge and my day.

Aye mate… it be me pleasure.

It be me feeling that ye might need a bit of a laugh on occasion. :laughing:

Yes, Dastrup who is serving in the Panama mission gets home on or about June 8th.

Thanks LOI or not. BYU looks to be it for him…though I do wonder if he’s heard of his good friend Jake Toolson’s transfer.

and Congrats to Jake on his wedding tomorrow

Are you saying Payton needs to sign another LOI for this next year? The article here says he signed with BYU. Am I missing something here?


My son will be in the Panama mission the month after Dastrup returns. He checks into the mtc in 3 weeks.

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Congratulations! Is this your first missionary you are sending out? I remember when I was living in Brazil how fun it was to see greenie missionaries walking the streets. I always thought of their parents and how they would feel to be in my shoes in that moment and see their son wandering the streets of a country that was so unfamiliar and not being able to understand a lick of what people were saying around them. I wish you and him all the best!

nobody needs to sign an loi to attend a university, or to receive a scholarship.
LOIs are good for only one year. so the one he signed in the article you linked to has already expired.
"Service in active duty with the U.S. armed forces or an official church mission for at least 12 months can use the One-Year Absence to null and void the NLI."
It means he, like most any other missionary serving a full two years, is a free agent, can go to any school they want to without recourse.

It is obvious from his twitter account that he plans on playing bball with Rose so the question about the LOI is moot as to Payton Dastrup.

Thanks for clarifying.

Whose wedding? Toolsen?

Jim: The NBA and the NCAA are corrupt, but where is Jake Toolson going to transfer to? I am with your post 100%.
For that matter all of the P-5 conferences are corrupt too. The rich always get richer.

same unofficial source that originally reported his transfer reports today that he is transferring to UVU. Joining his cousin Connor starter on the Lone Peak national championship team and of course Isaac Nielson who transferred with Coach Pope.
Not a bad nucleus to dominate the WAC with.

This is my third… and I will have one more to go after this.

I had one in South Africa, one in Colorado now and the third headed to Panama. We are trying to make sure to cover as much territory as possible. :smiley:

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Thanks for the information.

This was meaningful and pertinent. :sunglasses:

While I appreciate your attempts to move the conversation forward without being judgmental, the presumptuous of these two posts…leaves me flabbergasted…

Really? It leaves you “flabbergasted”?

It’s called humor… I used your famous now famous term “bloviate” in an attempt at injecting some humor into the conversation. Actually, I do it frequently.

Unfortunately you don’t seem capable of finding humor in much of anything. I think you are capable and probably do have a sense of humor, I just haven’t been able to find it yet. In the second post I used the bloviation thing along with my incessant discussion of the corruption in college and pro basketball in an effort to make light humor of it all. In the first I put a sunglasses smiley face next to it… apparently another failed attempt at injecting some humor.

Don’t take yourself so seriously, especially on an internet discussion board. :smirk:

This was another post in this same thread -

Just trying to lighten things up a little…

I wonder sometimes if some kids feels overwhelmed when they go to a major University, I know when my youngest were looking at college, I encouraged my son to look at JC to start, get familiar with how colleges are different than High School (academic standards and environment).

He was a good kid, but hated setting in a seat for 8 hrs in High School, it seems to have worked, because now he is off on his own with his spouse, raising “MY” grandson and working toward his degree in computers.

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Toolsen wasn’t that good. I think the UVU thing sounds appropriate. They will have a good team of 2’s and 3’s stars.