Top Golf? Have You Played?

I’m going to go away from football and basketball for a thread and discuss Top Golf which appears to be a golf/restaurant/arcade.

One in Boise will open within the next two weeks. I read today that a plans are for a second one to open in Utah which I infer that the first one is already in operation.

For those who’ve played, what is the experience like? Any suggestions to maximize a positive experience?

It’s fun — but real golf is better. You and your party can choose a variety of games, and you can do as many as you want within your time limit (you get charged more if you go over, like with bowling, so it’s fine if you want to keep playing as long as you want to pay for it). They make most of their money off of drinks and appetizers.

The Top Golf game grants points based on distance and accuracy (balls have GPS tracking, and there are large targets to hit for).

It’s also good for novices or parties that have non-golfers. Even non-golfers can get some points, and they often luck into points with “bad” hits. It’s a fun group activity.

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