Transfer class is net positive

Had some time to really look at the transfer class the last few days, comparing the “outs” to the “ins”, looking at the roles they played at their former schools, what they are expected to be able to do at their new schools, whether they ended up transferring up or down in terms of the quality of the programs, etc. I’m very encouraged.
As of now we have 20 “outs” and 23 “ins”. Counting BYU as a P5 school, of the outs, 12 transferred down, that is to a G5, FCS, JC etc. Kind of a sign that they weren’t going to be contributors here. 2 of those I believe are still without a destination school. Only one of those was a contributor at BYU - Dallin Holker. With the development of Ethan Erickson and adding Jackson Bowers, we will not miss him.
Of the eight transferring to other P5s, 4 were starters at BYU, Keenen Pili, the Barrington brothers, and Gabe Jeudy-Lally, though Campbell Barrington and Jeudy-Lally did not start every game last year. The other 4 were Jacob Conover, who apparently was never going to be the guy, George Udo, who was a significant contributor but not a starter and Tate Romney and Logan Fano, both of whom were not really contributors though both were thought to be high upside (especially Fano). Pili and Jeudy-Lally transferred to SEC Tennesse, which is arguably a better program both as graduate transfers (Pili bachelors, Jeudy-Lally MBA). Udo to Cinn, maybe a wash. Fano to Utah (obviously a downtrade, heh, heh) and Romney to ASU (let’s call it a wash there just to be nice). Only 6 of the outs were significant contributors at BYU and really only Fano was a long-term significant loss. Pili, Jeudy-Lally and Clark Barrington are all playing out their “covid” extra year and were considering going pro as one of their options anyway.

Of the “ins”, 15 were starters who excelled at their old schools, including 3 that were multiyear starters at P5 schools with good football programs: Slovis, Ettiene, & Maile. This includes FCS All American and all-conference Dbacks in Heckard & Garrett and several G5 standouts. Most of these guys had multiple P5 offers. 2 more were significant contributors as G5 freshman at their old schools. Plus Taggart. He was not really a contributor at Oregon as a Freshman (redshirt), he was a 4 star with huge upside and great speed. Kind of offsets Fano in that regard. That’s 18 of 23 transfers that are either proven starters, young contributors or high quality P5 Recruits.

Another way to look at it is who we lost and who we gained at positions:
OL - lost the Barringtons and gained 2 multiyear P5 starters (Etiene & Maile), plus 2 G5 standouts (Fitzgerald & Lapuaho) and a FCS Freshman starter with big upside (Eichorn).
LB - lost Pili and Romney at LB, gained an outstanding G5 LB Vongphachanh, two significant G5 contributors at LB as freshmen (Sellesin & Moa), plus Taggart.
DB - lost Jeudy-Lally as a part-time starter/contributor, gained FCS all-american Heckard & all conf Garrett.
DL - lost Fano (not yet a contributor), gained two proven starters from Boise (next in line to the title of “almost P5”) Cravens & Bagnah.
QB - lost Conover gained, Slovis.
WR - Lost no one, gained two outstanding FBS guys who led their programs in Lassiter & Marion.
RB - lost no one, gained a P5 starter (Dion Smith) and an FBS 1000yd plus guy (Robbins).

Definitely a net plus from the portal!

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12 - 0 this year!

Nice job! Concur

Right with ya on that one. Why not??

FANO was hurt all last year, but losing him will be a big loss for us.

I am still out on Romney (QB) not being the “guy”, you should have said “A-Rod’s guy”. If he does what It think he will at Arizona State, some BYU fans will asking questions

Great writeup, Bob. A lot of time and effort.

The only place BYU suffered was loosing so many on the Oline that knew our offense and had experience.

For me, it always comes down to the QB position first, then talent and experience at key positions (such as running back, DBs and Safeties) and lastly, our O and Dlines. can we be physical and impose our will?

Slovis, the real deal

Running backs, maybe our best stable ever at BYU

Both Lines??? my biggest question mark going into the Big 12

Floyd, I actually hope Conover does well at ASU. My point was that as far as proven contribution at the P5 level, we weren’t hurt as badly as ŵe were helped by the transfer portal. I do think Conover has an uphill battle at ASU just to see the field with Drew Pine, Rashida, and Bourguet there. But I hope he has the career there i thought he might have here.
Losing Fano hurts because of his potential. It’s kind of a shame. He made the decision to leave before Tuiaki left, because he’s a passrusher and didn’t like the Tuiaki defense. Wish he’d rethought it after the change to Hill. Or maybe we didn’t give him enough reassurances after the change? But overall the transfers went in our favor.

Great work on that info!