Transfer portal plus or minus

(from recent article comparing ins and outs suggesting about even results)
I know this isn’t the only measuring stick, but out of 13 outs, 7 were to P5 programs - good ones too (Baylor, Tenn. Utah) and of the 12 ins, only 2 from P5 programs. Doesn’t sound very even by this metric.

Another question is how many of those who went to P5 teams are P5 material???

Yep. Time will tell. If Tenn, Baylor Utah think you are, then decent odds they will stick - no guarantee. It’ll be interesting to see if good players going to good P5 schools is the same as very good players at the non p5 level coming in to BYU.

silk purse out of a pig’s ear analogy: How many of the departed BYU players were starters? Clark Barrington, Keenan Pili, and Gabe Jeudy Lally. If Barrington didn’t go to Baylor, he would have gone to the NFL. Pili and Lally are bigger lossis, imho, but I venture to guess that since both are grad transfers, they are also NIL casualties.

The real loss is in the postential of three players: Campbell Barrington, Logan Fano, and his brother Spencer (Spencer committed to Utah some time ago and was a part of BYU, but I’m sure that if Logan had had a better experience at BYU, Spencer would have committed to the Cougars instead of the other way around).

Most of the other players were unknowns or never will plays.

BYU had some solid pick ups so I am inclined to rate the portal even. A few weeks ago I would have put BYU in the slight minus category.

I have talked to some insiders. They tell me Barrington, Pili and Lally most likely left to upgrade their stock. In the end, every athlete who truly believes they have a chance to play on Sundays are trying to get the gauranteed money. The NFL is a meat grinder, any play could be your last

It hurts to be the girlfriend that got dropped for the hotter girl. We don’t like it but a run like we had in Oct not only gets coaches fired but players undrafted. BYU has enough players in the NFL today, when you think of just this year, BYU had 2 starting QBs, 2 100 yard RBs, the best linebacker in the entire NFL etc, you would think that we don’t have to prove ourselves (BYU) anymore, but we do, especially to a young impressionable mind like a 20 year old.

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