Transfer Portal

Jackson is transferring to Hawaii:

BYU Wide Receiver Chris Jackson to Transfer to Hawaii - BYU Cougars on Sports Illustrated: News, Analysis, and More

He was buried behind better recievers

But wasn’t he “highly” recruited?

I personally feel that the Transfer Portal is a bad thing, or at least redefine how players can use it.

I heard a story the other day that Nick Saban (Who I do not like personally) suspended a player for the rest of spring ball for team rule violations.

So what does this player do? Enter the Transfer portal…

There is no consequences for players behavior, they simply Transfer.

Hey! A miracle! I fully agree. It’s called anarchy! You know what! Communists and fascists have always created anarchy and havoc before winning power over the people. They have always gained control of the media first. Do we hear anyone saying the new transfer rules are good for sports? Nope. Silenced.