Traveled to Normon and lost

We all knew going into OK would be a tough task without Khalifa

1 Ok beat BYU in every single stat available. Pretty hard medicine to swallow cause I think we are better.

2 We would of won had Khalifa played

3 I thought the OK guards were not as good of players as the elite Big 12 teams, and they sure know how to flop a lot and get fouls called

4 Going into this game, Richie Saunders was our highest rated player. We got nothing out of him in this game

5 Tough to win when both Waterman and Robinson are not scoring

6 Foos is unstoppable!

7 Atiki played a much better game this time but he is still a foul a minute

8 Is Hall working on being a all big 12 selection??? Cause he has my vote after the past 2 games

Being able to interchange Khalifa and Fouss not only gives them time to rest, but it also gives us a different offense to run during games. However, the real problem tonight was that we missed close range shots time after time after time. At lest 25+ shots close or at the rim. That happens when players are not focusing because they are out of breath. Are the players all sick with the bug going around? Pope took Hall and Fouss out early in the 2nd half.
The difference in this game was OK’s players could make close in shots and layups and BYU could not! Especially in the 2nd half. Only Fouss and he lost the ball a few times.

Agree. I think they were just tired and settled for a split on 2 away games.
And I’m good with that. These games are going to happen.