Troy is now a game

BYU announces we will play Troy at home in September…More to come this week…

That is the type of team BYU has been losing to in recent years. Somebody they should beat by a few touchdowns but good enough to beat BYU when they aren’t up like they are for P5 teams. They are a decent mid major with good athletes and can’t be looked past. Maybe BYU gets 2 games this year, Navy and Troy.

They could schedule 10 to 12 games but end up playing 6 to 8 games.

I noticed North Alabama is still on the schedule. BYU should try to schedule every independent out there. I know there aren’t many but if they could schedule them all they would at least have enough games for most of a season. Other than BYU who is independent? Notre Dame (probably won’t schedule us), New Mexico St., Army, Massachusetts, Liberty, U Conn, that’s it but all of them but Notre Dame were scheduled that would be 8 games.

Notre Dame is ACC this year.

New Mexico State is out because of their Governor’s mandates.
I expect Liberty, Army and maybe Air Force even though they are in a conference. Virginia has been kicked around as well. The AAC is another place to look.

One of the major problems is that most colleges where conferences have folded is they don’t have the money to get same day testing machines and results. BYU does. Especially the PAC12 and the WCC.