Troy vs. BYU and other thoughts



I’ll say BYU 40-21 Troy. They have a good offence but a very porous defense.

Now for the idiots that threw the “young and dumb” Parties…thank for screwing BYU fans out of 1) the Army game, 2) attending the home football games.

Any excuse that lawmakers can come up with to restrict the population so they seem to be politically correct will be utilized. That is how it works out here in CA and other places are just a few steps behind.

I will go with a 31-14 final. BYU wins of course. :wink:

49 - 21 Cougars
How about that!

Already a fumble

Moving the ball and then mistakes.

I was feeling good about my prediction early on but BYU’s defense is nasty good and their offense was rolling last night so this team is really much better than I thought they would be.

It’s too bad that we couldn’t play Utah this year. This is a year we can beat them.

blame it on the pac-12, that was probably one of the reasons they cancelled their season early on.

Did you see Mike Leach take out the defending national champs in his first game as coach at MSU?