"TV" link for BYU v Alabama

Early in the season I wouldn’t be having the core group getting more than 30 minutes a game. That would leave at least 5 other players getting at least 10 minutes a game. I would do less for some too. I see no reason not to give 25 minutes a game for some and even splitting 20 per game with others. There are 200 minutes a game to spread around. Heck, Worthington makes the best of his time out there, give someone else a chance as well.

Some of these guys can shoot but they still lack a lot defensively and that is going to hurt BYU in the long run. I don’t see very good defense from Seljaas, Haws, etc. and that is a negative. I don’t know though, I am more perturbed at watching Dastrup languish on the bench again than anything else at this point. Why does Rose even play him… for 3 to 5 minutes a game? He must really suck in practice…

Reporters who visit practice don’t seem to have that opinion…but more than one player has said that Selly shows up a lot better in games than in practice…desperation got him his chance to play early his freshman year…I suspect that Mika and Yoeli and Rose’s penchant for going 4 guards means Rose is not desperate enough in the middle to get Dastrup playing time.

I haven’t seen any word on Andrus recently…though at this point I expect he’d only be chewing Dastrap’s limited minutes instead of actually giving bigs more minutes.

I heard he’s injured and my redshirt - Andrus

Dastrup should come in for Worthington or the other way around. Nixon should be Child’s replacement, not Worthington unless they need more quickness on defense.

This is just another reason why BYU can’t get over the hump and do something significant. It is the reason we (or at least those of us who get it) are frustrated with what we KNOW will be the result at the end of the season. I have real concerns that they won’t make a third place finish in the wcc and could finish as low as 4th or 5th.

Our bigs never have enough experience to help the team when they need it. That big guy for Gonzaga will destroy BYU, same with the big guy for St. Mary’s. There will be no answer because BYU won’t have anyone that can defend them for lack of talent and more importantly, experience.

So, we just shoot 55% and hit all our free throws and outscore them. This isn’t rocket science. It’s basketball :slight_smile: :basketball: