Tyler Haws snubbed from NBA Draft Combine - 12 May

Link: http://espn960sports.com/byu/2015-nba-draft-tyler-haws-nba-combine/

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Is anybody surprised that Tyler Haws was not invited to the nba draft combine? It begs the question, are the best BYU players just not good enough for the elite level of the nba or is it something else?

I seriously wonder what is going on when a player like Jimmer is languishing on the bench of some very mediocre teams while players like Delavedova are getting significant court time with contenders. I mean is Delavedova a better player than Jimmer? The nba seems to think so…

What gives?

I think that Zane Westover hit the nail right on the head. Haws is being discriminated against just like Jimmer Fredette was by the NBA. Too bad BYU is accused of being all of those bad characteristics just like their players in basketball and football are being discriminated against in both the NFL and NBA drafts.