Tysom Hill is making quite a name for himself at NO

Hill turned that game around, MVP

I watch that on KSL news last night, I laugh and applauded him. Those trolls saying he’s not a NFL material? Well if Drew Brees retired it is a long shot he could play QB. But what the heck, today my favorite guy/player just like Steve Young at 49ers.
Ziggy hurt himself again, feel bad for him. Will he continue staying in the NFL? He could get traded which might be a good thing like going to New England to play along with KVN.

Hill is an amazing athlete that transcends the spoiled norm of today’s players. He just wants to play and has the ability to impact the games in a number of ways. I keep a close eye on the Saints and what Taysom is doing. He is definitely a credit to BYU and I wish him well. If he can be a starter at QB in the NFL there is few better than Brees to learn from

Hill is having a hi’ll of a season at New Orleans. Here is Texas we get to see the saints a lot because of their Central Time zone location. They are an exciting team to watch along with Taysom. Because of Patrick Mahomes being an East Texas product we also have been able to see the KC Chiefs a lot too. The TV networks have actually cut some tv games of the Houston Texans in order to show the Chiefs. Lots of fun, Hill and Brees and the Saints and Andy Reids Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes.

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All extremely fun to watch. Mahomes is incredible and barring injury the next great qb in the NFL

How about Hill’s game this past week on Thanksgiving? He had an all star game
Sean Payton calls him the most dynamic player on the team

Now that Lamar Jackson is the poster child for the NFL. Teams should be courting Taysom Hill with big contracts

What 2 TDs and a block? You think GB made a mistake for letting him go? That was a big fish that got away. Glad for Tasysom doing well for NO Saints.