U.u.u . u ugly win

84-58=26 only 26 pts as badly as Idaho State was playing is an embarrassment.

The Cougs actually got outscored in the second quarter of the game.
Only 84 pts on 77 possessions. Largely because of 18 turnovers.to 21 assists.
Haws shockingly was the only starter with more assists than turnovers. Put differently BYU’s starters had 15 turnovers against an ISU team that can barely stop a wet paper bag on defense.

If they had been facing a team that cared about winning the game those 18 turnovers would have spelled their doom.
The team essentially played on well as offense as the average ISU team; teams like NJIT, Eastern Kentucky, UVU: a true murderers row.
The mighty Boise State scored more per possession just two days before against the might Bengals.
It was the defense that made the difference in the game: .75 pts per possession is good by any measure.

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Emery’s turnovers continue to be a concern. This guys apparently do not care so much as they care about the W. We lose games in the future over this stuff because it is hard to turn it off down the road.

Covering 3s and turnovers are so basic. Disciplined teams work on this stuff no matter who they play.