UCF, for the win

1 BYU is dialed in! When UCF gets little from everyone but D Johnson, I call that a blow out.

2 Sellers shot UCF out of the game, Hall shut him down

3 Johnson for UCF…Oh MY! 32, My Man, Spenc cooled his fire enough, gassed him out, ballgame

4 The start by BYU was completely unexpected (Maybe UCF was feeling the previous night?) BYU too much fire power. Before the game scouting I said…too many weapons. team beats single players every time

5 Hall is the key to post season play, he brought it today.

6 Oh My, kid’s a star. His second half hustle is why we win.

7 Knell played his best game in ages

8 My man Spenc, not going to blow you away with his scoring but 8 rebbies, 7 assists to go with his team best D is elite.

9 bombs away. When BYU hits 14-30 not going to lose to anybody…anyone.

10 get aggressive, get inside, get fouls…get paid! 80% on 29 FTs, did not see that comin.

11 FOOS FOOS FOOS! on fuego.

12 Saunders workin on star status.

13 Now I want to take a bite outta TTU Issacs, Toussaint, Williams.
Get this game, get the 4-5 seed in SL

And their reward? Texas Tech, then if they win, Houston…

Some present that is??? :open_mouth:

Do you know if Texas Tech or Houston has someone that can defend Foos?

Houston…They will be a handfulllllllllllllll

TT is guard heavy. I will write something up

I was hoping we would draw TTU in the tournament. Talk about wanting a rematch on a neutral court!
Hall couldn’t handle Johnson, not even a little bit. Really really smart of Pope to switch SJ onto him.

What a great effort from the whole group. Even Knell had his best game in ages, indeed. Q: Why? A: Because he stopped chuckin’ up bombs like he is some kind of great 3 pt shooter. Knell is a great shooter against low level teams. Not so much against B12 athletes. Today he didn’t take a single bad shot in coverage, and that’s what we need from him. He can hit them if he’s selective.

That last 12 minutes after UCF closed to within 3:
Richie-ELEVEN points on PERFECT 4-4 shooting, and SUFFOCATING D on the other end.
SJ-FINALLY somebody slowed down Johnson; Richie switched onto Johnson with around 5 minutes left and held him to 5 points–5 is a lot in 5 minutes, but SJ clearly caused a momentum shift.
Fouss: NOBODY dunks on me. That’s a couple checks ABOVE THE RIM in the last few games. Those are STATEMENT plays on D.
Waterman: HEY DON’T FORGET ABOUT ME! All he did was play GREAT at both ends.
Hall: I’ve been on him for struggling against these last 3 PGs, and for his meltdown at the end of the ISU game, but when he is under control, like he was today, he’s a true MVP. He is being asked to play against the strongest, fastest, quickest, most athletic college guards IN THE WORLD and he is more than holding his own overall. Respect.

Now, if Richie and Hall and Fouss can just get these guys to follow them into the weight room in the offseason…

So, why did hall sit for 10 minutes in the 1st half. Have you heard if he’s fighting some illness? We need him full strength.

Tomorrow, Fouss and Khalifa won’t have as much energy due to their fasting. I wish we could have kept a big lead and got Atiki some time.

2 fouls. Pope sits anyone who gets 2 fouls in the first half.

I start reading your post and all of a sudden you edited it. Took the part about Hall. Why? You are right. Something is off about Hall in the past 2 and a half games.
Knell took good shots. But even more important, he got his feet under him and wasn’t leaning forward like he does often.

I think he only had 1 foul in the 1st half. Anyway, Note that Diallo had no points and no rebounds.

One more thing: Last night I told my son, “Last time against UCF, Diallo had 19 boards, but Fouss didn’t play. NOBODY gets 19 boards with Fouss in the game.”

HUGE HUGE HUGE respect to Fouss and Khalifa–Diallo finished with…checking notes…ZERO points and ZERO boards. Wow.

Thanks for reposting what I posted. I’m sure you’ll take credit for noticing the goose eggs for Diallo

Did you notice that when UCF got some easy baskets, Hall had words with Foos…Pope had some words with Foos as well. Clearly the plan was, Foos don’t worry about your guy, these guys do NOT pass once they head to the basket so YOU (Foos) be the enforcer and make them think twice.

i worry about Waterman. he takes a beating defending stronger guys and they mean to hurt you. Waterman does not shy away. He was laughing, smilin, talkin to the UCF guys, loosey goosey.

One thing I left out…The reffing was clearly in BYU’s favor. if you don’t agree, you didn’t see the game I saw. I should word it as…UCF played very dirty and the reffs caught it and made the calls. SOOOOOO glad we are not in the rec “NOSE” league.

Hall was the MVP of the UCF game…MVP what are you watching?

Khalifa fasting, no water… Freakin Warrior wizard
.Foos-not fasting,
Atiki-Not fasting.

Yes, Hopper, you are right…we are all wrong. Thank you for letting us post.

it was rigged all along. BYU was going to win…

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I heard they were fasting