UCLA for the WIN!

1- We got a true look of how Pope will coach this team, and I like it. Pope subs guys very well, The moment I thought red hot Toolson should get a breather, at the 6 min mark…out he comes. Same with Barcello and TJ.
Pope also protected our few big men by a perfect rotation of Lee, Nixon and Seljaas. Pope coached his butt off last night, tweaked rotations all night. So glad to see the coaching change. whew!

2- And it helps that we have a stat filler like Harding to replace Toolson. BYU really has 2 bench guys that should be starting and the reason why I think BYU will dance this year.

3- BYU beat up on UCLA with veteran leadership, few wasted possessions. Not to go on about Pope vs Rose but Pope demands that we use all 5 players and that we trust the system. Does anyone think that Rose would have gotten more then 4 points out of Lee or Nixon? Anybody?? Didn’t think so.

4- Don’t think that BYU is going to be in every game this year, they are not, simply because Baxter’s injury killed our hopes down low. BYU is only going as far as our outside shooting takes us. Last night BYU was a scorching 9-18 from 3land and 64% FG.
When a team is hot outside at a certain gym, they tend to stay hot. Bodes well for the Kansas game.

5-Defense…just savor it…so rare at BYU for over a decade. Pope has these guys playing great, best I have ever seen BYU defense. Our weakest link is Haws off of high picks, he sucks…but Barcello more then makes up, always getting the assignment of their toughest guy. Took Flop Top Campbell right out of his game and onto the bench. Lee and Nixon got abused for a two minute stretch but overall, our bigs played very good D.

6-Haws destroyed any hopes for a UCLA comeback, he drives on anyone, kicks out for an open 3. When BYU is hot outside, they can compete with anyone. His best game of the year.

7- big shoutout to Lee and Nixon. two big threes for Nixon and a bunch of open layups for Lee, complements of Haws and Barcello. And Seljaas, 11 rebounds! Come on, really, 11?

8- BYU makes 7-8 from the stripe. fouled the right guys I guess but Kansas will look at the tape and go right at our inside guys, foul em and make it a easy 10 point win. All good teams will and that is just reality.

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You know the best thing is?-the players are really enjoying themselves and they aren’t worried about one screw up and being yanked. Helps build confidence. Lee is learning to play on the move within the offense. It makes the team more effective. There have been several games this year that given the same circumstances, they would have given up and been blown out last year and Seljaas is a totally different player. Haw’s in the 2nd half-best of the year

Depends how we shoot. We will be fatigued by halftime. Kansas blew out their opponent early. They will be more fresh. 10 points to the #4 team? That would be a good moral victory. The key will be our helpside defense we did with UCLA. And, our bench will have to play a lot deeper and better.

Self knows Haws is the motor that makes BYU run so I think they rough him up. I think Barcello has to go to the hoop more, he can get by his guy and kick it out. Toolson is always going to get his shots, too good but BYU wins on good play by TJ and Barcello.