UCLA gets sugged in the mouth

Great game! I thought it would be that close. UCLA was peaking at the right time. We should have beat Gonzaga had we shot 3’s and FTs better. UCLA did but still lost on a prayer shot.
Notice how both teams don’t pass around the perimeter for 20 seconds like the Globetrotters like BYU still does too much of. I hope we see more play like the final 4 play games. Just an observation.

I never thought I would be happy to see Gonzaga to pull one out in the last second. Perhaps the greates shot I have ever seen. It was not a prayer shot, it was a perfect three point shot.

In the end, I didn’t care who won. I really just don’t want Baylor to win the championship. All I wanted by the end of this game was a buzzer-beater. I’m happy I got my wish.

A running shot off one foot 40 feet away banking it in is a prayer shot…

I don’t think it was a prayer shot, but it definitely was an unlikely one. It was basically a Damien Lillard 3 but banked in.

Whether it was a prayer or not Gonzaga is the better team and it would have been a shame for them to lose their dream of an unbeaten season against a team that played the game of their lives. I thought the Zags played great as well but UCLA played as well as they could possibly play and it wasn’t quite enough against the number 1 seed in the tournament.

Hats off to UCLA. They were much better than I thought they were when I wrote at this forum that BYU should beat them. They won 5 games in the tournament, one against a one seed and another against a 2 seed. They took the number one team in the country to the wire. They played like one of the elite teams in the country when it counted. I thought they would be easier for Gonzaga than USC was and I was wrong.

Hope Gonzaga beats Baylor tonight but Baylor is very good. They are deep, shoot the 3 well, and play very good defense. I think the Zags pull it out but I wouldn’t be shocked if they didn’t because Baylor is plenty good. The one thing that could hurt Gonzaga is bench play. Gonzaga has an ok bench but Baylor has a great bench. Gonzaga has the best starting five in the country and hopefully they will be enough. They have 3 elite players and the other 2 starters play at a very high level.

I always root for the Zags when they are not playing the Cougars. It is good to see a non P5 team among the nation’s elite. I have always liked Gonzaga from the time they burst on the scene as a Cinderella team in 1999 and I still like them.