Ugly reversal of yesterday

What a lousy start. Can’t shoot and can’t defend. TTU is hot. See if we can get someone who isn’t asleep in the game.

Worst half all year
Both sides

Make just half the 3-8 footers and it’s closer and opens up the threes

I’ve been complaining all year and years back at how bad we shoot short and midrange shots. But this is fatigue

No one can play back to back games on BYU. Not ready for the NBA.

Iive and die by the 3

BYU out rebounded by 10, ball game

You talkin about your man Knell?

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I can sum up this game in the 1st 4 possessions.
Khalifa missed 3
Khalifa missed 2nd 3
Knell foul
Knell missed 3

get buried in the 1st few minutes play hurry up all game long. Great coaches call a time out. settle the boys down. 12 TFs all game, this was a replica of the 1st loss. and we let crazy legs Issacs burn us again. Sad day.
puts the whole SL City 5 seed in serious jeopardy.

That was mostly in the 1st half where we were comply asleep not blocking out. It was terrible. We lost it with all around poor shooting in the 1st half while they couldn’t miss.

TTu didn’t have to work at all. We just sat back and hucked up 3s.

You theory of hitting 3s and no defense worked perfectly

We missed 3s and they ran and scored. Just like I have said. Thanks for concurring.