Utah BYU Four year game contract

Good news with the announcement.
Coach Kry will have to visit Provo twice while the Cougs get the chance to beat the Kryers on their home floor twice.

The Utes were young and improving this year. But are losing two of their best, well maybe, with NBA draft announcements.

The Cougs should be even better this next year assuming AB and the other guards continue to improve.

A home and home series ala conference foes would be preferable but given Coach Kry and the PAC12 schedule not likely any time soon.

Would BYU even want to be in the PAC12 if it wasn’t for football and its money?

Yes, BYU would love to be in the Pac 12 period. But it will never happen. Amongst the decision-makers in the Pac-12, there is far too much religious bigotry and social justice emphasis.

But I did hear a couple months ago that a couple Pac-12 schools are considering options elsewhere such as USC going independent. That’s a big longshot. But some of this stems from how crappy Larry Scott and the Pac-12 have done regarding $$.

Harold, how does BYU improve over last year and it’s 7 graduating seniors while losing 80% of our scoring? No way would I make that prediction.

With 7’3 senior Haarm transferring in, BYU is a LOT better but still miles from the team we just had.

the strength of the team shifts dramatically.

The front court was a weakness this last year. This next year, barring an unusual number of injuries, the front court will be among the strongest in the nation.
Admittedly, modern college bball places a premium on the three. But look at the bigs on the roster. WOW.
Haarms, Lee, Hayward, Lowell, Townsend, and Baxter. The best set of bigs in BYU history.
They can all shoot the three except for Lee who will likely be getting the least minutes anyway at least in part because of his lack of being willing to shoot the three. 7/14 on the year should have been shooting more.
The point position will likely be the weak link, not that AB is not more than serviceable, but to reach the heights that the bigs seem capable of AB and the other guards will have to step it up…

Lee? He shot 50% from 3’s. He most certainly can shoot 3’s. You are forgetting the Nigerian from New Mexico JC, George. He’s exceptional at any position. He may be our main ball handler. Like Haws was.

I saw the video of George. He does look very athletic. But can he handle the ball? Change directions with the ball and create? We will see. I’m not sure this team will have the best bigs ever. That 1980 team with Fred Roberts, Trumbo, and Kite was amazing.

Kite wasn’t much of a shooter. And, he couldn’t jump well. Roberts was great. A real sweet midrange shooter.
George has the moves and handles the ball well. Haven’t you watched his videos?

Yes, George looks great on video. Amazing finisher with the right or left hand.

Kite was a useful sub/goon for the Celtics for about 10 years including winning a couple championships with them. He deserves some credit, yet you just threw shade at him.

Cosic all by himself puts his years into the conversation for best set of bigs on the floor for BYU.
For impact on the game, no doubt, he will always be listed as most important Cougar ever.

Roberts, Trumbo, and Kite were truly impressive.
By this time next year we should know which set of bigs will have proven best.

Guys Guys, the game has changed. Bigs no longer rule the BBall world. The 6’6 athlete dominates the NBA and hence, college. A simple pic and roll voids height unless you are Syracuse.

Just throwing some water on the Haarms Fire, he will not lead BYU to a Gonzaga defeat but he does make BYU very tough to matchup against if you are any other WCC team. P5 centers will more then hold their own against Haarms, that is why he only averaged 9 PPG at Purdue. George is a diamond in the rough, no doubt.

Best news in long while.
Better than Haarms?
Maybe. The Cougs need solid PG play. And a 4 star recruit who played 20 games for Gonzaga is a good start.
“Hearing good things about Jesse Wade finally getting healthy. The former Davis star and Gonzaga commit could really be a wild card when it comes to the 2020-21 season.”

Jesse Wade is NOT a point guard. Here are his HS stats

He was Mr. Basketball in Utah, 14-15 with 26 ppg and a paltry 3 APG.
I have watched him in practice several times while at BYU. Pure shooter but @5’10 and white= not going to be open in D1 basketball. Rose had how many Mr. Basketball guys come through the program? I count 6 guys of which Emery was a bust, Haws a winner, Seljaas a winner. Two others transferred out with zero impact. Wade will have very little impact on the BYU team.

Interesting. He might be just a pure shooter…like a better Craig Cusick? Dallin Hall is the one I’m interested in. Though I know he may not play for a couple years due to his mission.

Fish - What are your sources saying about who BYU may target to get 1-2 grad transfer guards?

Omer Kucuk from Turkey

Also after Charles Minlend, Sr. transfer from San Fran.


Not a point guard

Someone who can make short shots and layups. I like that!

Yep I remembered pg and didn’t check. But everything I see has him listed at 73 inches not 70.

Kucuk reminds me of Skylar Halford, who was a lefty guard 6-7 years ago.

Halfords live in my stake, I have had the pain of playing just about every single Halford, including their son-in-law, Sorenson KC Chiefs, in church ball for many years. Halford is a pure shooter, not a point.

Kucuk is a ridiculous point guard who can make any pass, direct the team and BYU would be a top 10 team if we got him.

Kucuk seems to have a great handle going either direction and using balance and quickness to get past defenders. In his highlights, I couldn’t tell if he was right or left handed. But I finally figured out he’s a lefty.

In other news, my 18 yr old son got his mission call today. He’ll serve in the Milan, Italy mission reporting to the Provo MTC in September. We are all thrilled. Does anyone with inside info know when temples or the MTC will open again?