Utah, BYU's first true road trip, for the win

This will be a good test for BYU, just how good are the Cougs?

Utah is at home in the huntsman center. Advantage Utah
Until the Daytona beach tournament, Utah played sus average teams (avg 222), Advantage BYU

Why Utah will win:
7’0 Carlson has been unstoppable in the paint.
6’1 Sr. David Jenkins Jr is hitting 46% from three
They are at home

WHY will win:
BYU is a better team and have been winning despite our very average 3 point shooting
We have the horses to slow down Carlson inside
Barcello and Lucas will get their points and are defensive stoppers.
BYU has a better bench.

This will be a tough game with neither team getting much of a lead.
Massey has this game as a Utah win 71-68
I have it
BYU 70-68 Utah

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Our defense and offensive rebounding will be the key. Of course, we have to shoot better as well. And, make our free throws and we will win.
BYU - 81. Utah - 68

Grasshopper wins this prediction. BYU by 11.

Go Cougars!

Utes suck.

Nothing more to say.