Utah hires wide receivers coach Guy Holliday away from BYU - 6 Jan

Link: http://www.si.com/college-football/2016/01/05/guy-holliday-wide-receivers-coach-utah-utes

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So, I guess that answer our question Mr. Guy is gone. So I guess either our new coaches told him to move on or Guy decided on his own. So who is next, Ben Cahoon? I think he would be a good one and a great teacher about not dropping balls but recuiting? I guess that is Ty Detmer job to recuit WR/TE. I am good with that.

In my personal opinion, I thought that once Cahoon left there was a visible drop off in the performance of the receivers. I would love to have him back. However, Holiday’s recruiting will probably be missed, although Detmer can probably fill that void in Texas.