Utah state and how to guard them

Pope knows that Justin Bean, 6’8 Sr. is the PRPG in College Basketball right now. Alex Barcello has fallen down to #4.

Bean’s stats are a ridiculous: 22 ppg, 15.5 rpg, 2.9 assists, 2 steals, 2 blocks per in 38.5 minutes per game. IF that was not good enough, try 56% from 3land.

USU 2nd highest rated player is their center., Harvath, 6’10, averages 13, 6 reb and also shoots over 51% from 3land.

brock miller IS their 3 point specialist.

Reasons why USU wins:
A week ago, BYU, with Baxter, dominates USU but without him, BYU had to play small ball against MSU. Inside the paint, USU is going to kill BYU, plain and simple. Lohner has to have a big big defensive game, covering Bean or we are going to be in trouble.

Reasons why BYU wins:
USU can’t keep up with our guards, Barcello and Lucas. We are way more athletic. Better defenders, better offense. George and Lohner have to slow down Bean…a lot.
BYU is playing at home or I would not be betting on them for the WIN.

BYU 72-71 USU., yes it will be a close one.

I have to see more assists. Too much one on one dribbling.
We stopped crashing the boards and have to get back to that.
Make free throws.
Improve on 3’s and reduce the number of 3’s we are shooting. 12-15 is much better.

Stilly mystified that Prim got ONE post look in the entire first half…and made it a 3pt play.
Prim scored 14 in the second half and would have scored 30 easily if we were coaching that team.
Bean is smaller than Prim but is WAY more athletic and is a WAY better player.
Lohner can defend Bean if he stays out of foul trouble. Bean doesn’t draw a ton of fouls, so let’s hope we don’t get officials calling a bunch of chippies.
Our guards should destroy their guards.
If George is healthy, I think it’s BYU by 7, because he will gobble up the boards.
If George can’t go, it’s a coin flip.
Remember that this is a “new” BYU team without any bigs, but I believe that Pope–because he’s a genius, once in a generation coach–can reengineer the team and we will see the team steadily improve as the guys adjust to the new game plan.

two of USU’s starters are Miller and Rylan Jones, from Utah. Both are unathletic. BYU should be able to exploit them with Lucas and Seneca Knight

It is time for Knight and Lohner to get off the pot and start scoring in double digit land.

No bigs? I know you don’t see Fousse as a big but no one saw Wes Unseld as one either. 7’2” wingspan he can do and has been… just more games is needed.

I would also think that moving the ball around a lot more would negate some of issues with lack of size in the middle. That is what LA Clippers did to the Jazz last year, went small ball.

It will be fun to see how Pope handles this. He’s a genius technically and an even better motivator. We may be the smallest team in D1 now but I think Pope will find a way. We are fortunate in that George and Lohner have such great good that they can beat much bigger guys for rebounds. Fouss looks good and is fantastic defending from the weak side or when he’s on the move, but has struggled when backed down. Atiki still has no idea what’s going on out there. But Pope is getting these guys with freakish athleticism and big hops and long arms can make up for a lot of inexperience.

Hate to say this but BYU will move forward IF Foos improves to the point that he can defend veteran centers. If not, BYU is going to lose a few. Atiki is just too raw and Lohner has never had to body up bigger dudes, nor should he.

Craighton’s best player is 7’1 Kalkbrenner.

Lohner: One of the best raw athletes to ever sign with BYU.
Lohner: One of the best rebounders moving in space to ever play at BYU (see his last offensive rebound and last defensive board vs Missouri State–WOW).
Lohner: Athleticism wasted if forced to guard a bigger guy backing him down and physically stand his ground, then contest the shot, then turn and block out and find ball.

100% agreed with what you said about Fouss. He HAS to be the guy to defend our opponents’ low post scorer. Do I think Pope will get him there? Yes. Do I think there will be some (significant) bumps in the road along the way? YES.