Ute fans get 4 stars

I went to the game yesterday and have to give credit where credit is due. 95% of the Ute fans were as nice and welcoming as could be. I had my 4-year old and nothing was said that I had to explain to him what it meant. Fun but ugly game to watch. Highlight was Kilani going crazy on the field. Love the enthusiasm. Still excited for my cougs. On a side note the big 12 presentation went extremely well and Sitake went down with the presenting crew.

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he should have gone crazy on the lousy homer officials. Both calls were hardly head to head contact

I don’t know what they showed on tv but he did go crazy on the officials, that’s why he got flagged. He was all over the field. It was awesome, got the whole team fired up. The next play was Bernards one handed pick, a thing of beauty.

Oh, they showed Sitake going berzerko over and over, the TV commentators made it a clear point that they did not think either call was targeting.

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I hope he enjoys doing that because we will see a lot of that as the season and his tenure as coach goes forward. It probably won’t change the officials attitude towards BYU and how they make calls but at least he lets them know what they are doing is wrong.

Then again, all we need to do is look at our political system and how most people act in society today and it is easy to see that no matter what is said or done, people will continue to lie, cheat and steal. That isn’t going to get better either.

Yeah… it was all beautiful but none of it changed the outcome of the game. BYU was fighting against 11 men in red and 5 or 6 in black and white. That was clear to anyone watching the game.

It would have been nice, just for once, for Utah to have to wear that shoe. The bias shoe… Had it been a Ute player getting their facemask ripped off or doing the so called “targeting”, you can bet those calls would have gone in their favor.

It’s the same old BS that goes on year after year. Sitake is getting a taste of it two games in but there is plenty more to come…

upon further review, the players knee was not down because he had a red jersey on… upon further review, there is no targeting because the defensive player was wearing a red jersey… upon further review the players facemask was grabbed because he had a red and white helmet on. We all know that blue helmet facemasks cannot be grabbed.

It is good that he is passionate about his team and players because he is going to be doing a lot of barking at the officials over the ensuing years… this is normal officiating against BYU. Nothing new here.

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