Very Happy but Very Realistic

I don’t cheer much during the games, but I got off the couch for a solid air fist when we won the game. Not to rain on the parade, BUT:

  1. Tennessee is a bad team. They will be lucky to win 2 or 3 conference games.
  2. That QB was HORRIFIC. Probably the worst QB we will face all year.
  3. Our run D just got SHREDDED AGAIN. Yes, Tuiaki finally (probably temporarily) pulled his head out and stacked the box late in the game, but that worked only because the UT QB was so terrible.
  4. Ty’son needs the ball 25 times a game, with 5 of those being targets in the passing game.
  5. Grimes needs to stop screwing around with the zone read against teams who are so much faster than we are. We run best when we run straight to a hole or to the edge.
  6. I absolutely love the way Sawyer Powell HITS from his FS position. Why Tuiaki took so long to play him (3 years) is mystifying.
  7. Speaking of Tuiaki, this “rush 3 drop 8” stuff works against crappy teams who can’t pass the ball. If Tuiaki thinks that will work against USC, I hope we all have patience and a good sense of humor.
  8. It was GREAT to see a BYU wideout shine!! Good job Micah Simon!!!
  9. If you watched USC dismantle Stanford, you should be very concerned about next week.
  10. TOM HOLMOE: OK, OK, OK, we get it—you have proven that we are competitive with lower level P5 teams, and that we cannot hang with good P5 teams. Very cool to win at Mississippi and at Tennessee—both SEC bottom dwellers at the time, and both won by last second, very fortunate BYU heroics.Not cool at all to lose 9 in a row to Utah, get pounded repeatedly by pretty much any ranked P5 team.

Not sure why Tennessee played so poorly against Georgia St. They played a lot better today in both sides. If they continue to improve as USC did from last week to this week, they may win more games than 2 or 3.
I agree USC will be more difficult than previously thought. They made huge improvements from last week. We also improved but need to make more improvements.

1 Wilson needed a game like this. If we had lost, I think BYU’s year would have been bowless. With this win, BYU looks to play strong with everybody and anybody. Wilson only had one bad series in the game on that bad 3rd down, The game is slowing down for him.

2 USC was scary. That Fr. QB was all anyone wanted to talk about this weekend. He is that good.

3 lucky for BYU that USC strikes so fast, we won’t have to worry about the D getting gassed in a grind it out game. I do think that BYU shows up on D better then Stanford did

4 Chaz Ah You did look like Warner out there. Finally, pressure on the QB.

5 Simon, where have you been for 4 YEARS? His best game by light years.

6 Jake the Make $$$$$$

7 Very surprised at Wash losing at home and USC destroying Stanford so easily.

8 I did not think we had many play makers last week, This week was full of play makers.

9 man Tenn has some fast RBs, Chandler and Gray were down right explosive. Pruitt should lose his job for not getting the ball to them on that alone. Pruitt should also lose his job on the way he treats players, Makes Bobby Knight seem like a kitten. Will Tenn get better? Uh- NO, half the team wants to transfer. They won’t play for Pruitt.

10 BYU’s D was really good in this game. Fluke TD off a batted ball. We will know much more on Sat.

Oh, and BYU’s Oline pushed Tenn around. Win the trenches, win the day

Amazing what a win does for the fans too. The USC game should be interesting. Stanford didn’t look all that great to have been ranked #23.
We will have a real challenge with their speed and strength. Team play will be huge!

Really scared of SC’s speed.

Most teams are faster than we are.

Tennessee is now ranked 102.