Very little interest in the game tonight

Oh well, guess the interest befits the performance of the team in recent years. Oh well. Enjoy the remainder of the holiday.

Are you serious? This is great! Only BYU and Navy are playing today on national TV. And, Monday night football! Maybe the highest watched BYU Football Game of all time!

The season has actually started right? I think there were some games on Saturday? I don’t know if it is fair to call it football season. Many of the power hungry indoctrination camps pretending to be institutions of higher learning have chosen to forego it and hold students hostage. Just another measure of control that for some odd reason seems to be an attractive alternative to living a normal life of free choice and accountability.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to the game. What time and channel?

ESPN or ESPN watch

I was commenting on the lack of interest on this site.

5pm ESPN

Too bad for those loser leftist colleges. Serves the 5 Star athletes that go to them instead of BYU. It’s a season for those playing.

I watched a college game Saturday. Good game until the announcers stopped announcing the game and started patting themselves on the back for how good social liberals they are. And how much they love blacks. Which isn’t true.

Let’s see the passing game get going. Romney flubbed two plays so far. Both catchable.

BYU made it look so easy on both sides of the ball it was actually a boring game. I think the lack of live practice did hurt Navy but not to the tune of a 52 point deficit. I think BYU would have won by several touchdowns anyway. The game was considered a toss up but I thought the loss of the Navy QB to graduation was going to be a big difference and it was. He was tremendous last year. His replacements aren’t anywhere near his caliber and with almost no prior experience they weren’t going to operate the option the way Perry did and neither has his speed and quickness. BYU had an experienced QB, a big experienced offensive line, experienced running backs, and an experienced front 7 on defense to handle the option. In my gut I was worried going into the game, as I always am, but my head told me BYU should win. When it comes to BYU sports I am like a Democrat and my emotions rule over my brain.

I had no idea the game would be a blowout of those proportions. Navy wasn’t competitive on either side of the ball. I would expect a much tougher game against Army. I expect they will be better prepared. BYU should still win by 2-3 touchdowns.
I doubt Army has any better talent than Navy but they are well coached. The good thing is that BYU has now seen the option.

I suspect the outcome will be pretty much the same score. Had we not put the breaks on we would have scored 80 points.

I agree with you on this one. Did you notice the few people in the stands with masks on and all of them well isolated from anybody else. It was ridiculous. Also the sideline reporter with a mask on and nobody within 50 feet of her.

I read a report on Bongino last week commenting on a NY Times article where the Times contended that 90% of positive tests for Covid 19 should have been negative because the amounts of the virus were so insignificant that they posed no threat to anybody and those tested weren’t at risk themselves. Of course the Times solution to this was more testing. I would highly question any numbers concerning the numbers infected and even the death count. Many have undoubtedly died where the virus was cited as the cause and it wasn’t. They were going to die soon anyway and a very small trace of the virus was found. I have read that if a trace of the virus was found then the record had to say it was from Corona Virus. You can probably follow a money trail somewhere to find the motive.

I don’t question the virus was, and is serious, and has killed many people but the lock down of society, the economy, and the canceling of freedoms has gone overboard. It could potentially kill anybody, just like the flu could. If the right person gets it at the right time it can kill them. Medical professionals have died due to extreme exposure to the virus. Even a few children and young adults have died, but for the most part it is dangerous for older people, obese people, and people with other underlying health problems. The virus will continue to be politicized until after the election. If Trump is re-elected the virus will continue to be politicized.

The extreme focus on racial issues will continue until after the election. Frankly I am sick to death of hearing about systemic racism. It is a sham for the most part. To hear athletes making millions of dollars complain about systemic racism makes we want to gag. Of all people they should be the last ones to complain. Even the NHL has a committee on diversity now. I had hoped I could watch hockey and not hear about BLM and systemic racism but the 26 black players in the NHL think something needs to be done to get more blacks involved in hockey and end systemic racism in the NHL which allegedly is keeping more blacks from playing. I have news for them and that is most young blacks aren’t interested in playing hockey and it has nothing to do with systemic racism in the sport. Actually the NHL has more diversity than any major professional sport. It is probably represented by more countries than the NBA but I guess diversity is only defined by skin pigmentation and not language and culture. The NBA is really diverse in the correct way, just ask Jimmer Fredette.

I suspect this could never be said on Facebook or Twitter. That’s why I rarely post anything on Facebook. At least here you have the freedom to voice your opinion.

Spot on! The CDC stated long ago it takes 15 minutes of continued close contact talking for enough of the virus to take hold and make someone sick. Like what happened in the old folk places in New York’s and what Como did to people.

I am clapping to everything you posted Aro.

Rather then call it a Pandemic, the correct name should be Politidemic or a Politicaldemic. It’s all Dems have in their Quiver. They are after any person’s hard earned money and as any person can see today the true difference between Dem run cities vs. repub run cities. Balanced budgets vs. corruption and riots.

As far as BLM, we used to call it brainwashing, I think the correct term for it would be Gaslighting as nation today. It is the hip thing to be a social warrior, calling out anyone and anything that does not do what the media deems correct. If you have an opinion, you are to be SHAMED into silence.

Watch out for this mail-in voting scam. Dems are about to steal your vote as well. If people are allowed to vote, they will rise up and put an end to this crap, Dems know it and are spending all of their $$ and time rigging the vote through the mails.

Sums up a trouncing. Perry was NFL talent and a senior. Navy would have been tough to beat if we had played them last year.

I had been hearing about how dominate BYU’s Oline was and it shined. On D, Tonga stuffing the run twice and Navy was toast. I still want to see how Wilson performs in a tough P5 game before we say he has made the leap for “freeze in the headlights” at critical moments to a ligit NFL caliber QB.

Blah, Blah, Blah… This year’s team would have beaten last years Navy team. And, if we are going to do the what if’s, Bushman would have canceled out their QB from last year. The triple option only works if the defense can’t fill the holes and defend the receivers. We did both well. Would have beat last years Navy and this years P5’s.
Now, I’ll take off my blue goggles. :sunglasses: