Virginia is bowl eligible

Well, that sucks! Hope we get back there next year.

Why does it suck that Virginia is bowl eligible?

It isn’t enough for Mendenhall to have been run out of town? Now fans (or so called fans) have to be upset when the team he is coaching does well?

Immature if you aske me… :confounded:

No one ran him out of town. He just up and left BYU high and dry.

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Not true…

The fans didn’t want him here anymore and there were some big boosters that probably had something to do with it as well. How popular was he here on Cougarfan?

I think we had no trouble with his defense. It was always the predictable offense.

Yeah… I guess everyone is content with 2-7 this year.

Be careful what you wish for is all I can say.

This bad year is not enough to make me wish for bronco. It’s a false dichotomy. No, I don’t want a losing season, I also don’t want sustained 8-10 win seasons while never achieving a truly special season because we never played our cards right. Play to win big. Bronco played for 9 win seasons and struggled to beat big teams, it’s like he cared more about job security. I am not so much a fan of winning as I am a fan of smart play against good teams. It’s personal preference. Smart play is better than dumb victories over cupcakes.

I tend to agree with both grasshopper and clausewitz on this issue.

I started to dissect your post and it is so bad I don’t think I have the time or the energy to do it. Using big words didn’t really help either. I think it made it worse. There are a lot of bogus assumptions that have no basis in fact at all. Likewise, it is full of dichotomies… “smart play is better than dumb victories over cupcakes”… What does that even mean?

I think one of the biggest problems that fans and anyone associated with a particular team have is this notion that their team should be the best team, every year, and perform exactly like they expect and want them to. Does anybody live in the real world anymore or do we all have some concocted fantasy that can never meet the unrealistic expectations we create?

Grasshopper, clausewitz and Uharriet are the modern day three stooges comedy team… absolutely hilarious what you expect and believe the BYU football team can be. Here is a double finger eye poke and a woooop, woooop, woooop, woooop to all three of you!


Just so you know, I like Sitake. Like Bronco, he is trying to do what he thinks is best and what he thinks his bosses want him to do. He is trying hard within the parameters and limits that are inherently a big part of the coaching job at BYU. I wish him the best, just like I did Bronco.

Time for a reality check Larry, Moe and Curly… hopefully you all find the humor in this.

Okay Laurel. Where’s Hardy :slight_smile:

I don’t use big words. So, you must be thinking of someone else. I’m the one with simple accurate logic :upside_down_face:

How about the dumb plays on third and fourth downs? See the Deseret News story about how BYU does not play well on most third downs and on some fourth downs. How about the “safe” play calls when we need a first down?
BYU has rarely thown down field over ten or twelve yards in most cases. Now Tanner is down for the season.We havn’e done too well with Tanner when he is wrapped up with his let, foor issues. Did we play him too much after his injury? I don’t have the answers, but 2 and 8 says enough.

We had problems all season scoring inside the 10 yardline. Hopefully, next year will be different.
BYU played their best game and so did Tanner. Tanner is done. Takes at least 2 years to heal enough to play again with an Achilles tear.

well Jim, I will make it very easy for you to understand…
The current players on this team is about 85 percent Bronco’s recruits… so the results on the field is a result of Bronco dislike star players that goes back to Bronco’s playing days (he was a walk on).

two, no one pressured Bronco to leave. you have no proof, except your own opinion. Bronco left because he saw the writing on the wall. his players sucked and he did not believe independence would (his own words).

three, Bronci called the fan “uneducated”… constantly dismissed the fans. you do not alienate the people who pay the money.

fourth, too compound the lack of player skills, Kalani hires 4 coaches who has no D1 experience and two of them never coached period(Empey, Mahe).

fifth, Bronco could never beat the upper P5 teams, he had a losing record against them.

I am one that wanted Bronco gone. I think he plattoed and we needed someone to take us to the next level. but being BYU they did not want to spend the money to do that, so they hired Kalani… hopefully he will get ether with time.

I think Saint Detmer is trying to put Mangum in a scheme that does not fit his abilities.

that is why he looks off kilter most of the time.

just my opinion.

He played very good yesterday. Looked like he was finally getting the system. So, I would respectfully disagree with that one. Looking forward to next year…

When he “finally plays very good,” he was still on pace for another sub-200 yard passing game. He’s the second coming of Jake Heaps, mentally, upstairs.

I hope we develop someone else for next year. Someones else — you have to assume you’re not going to finish the season with the same quarterback. They all need reps and play time, because we’re going to need everyone.

Name one QB on the roster that has looked good this year?

I do not think you can, so therefore, it is not Tanner that is the problem but Detmer (QB coach)…

You mean, other than Koy Detmer, right? :rofl:

Hoge looked good until he went down against Utah St. I’m not counting the bad situations he was thrust in against Fresno St.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Critchlow get a full game, with the week to prep. We’re 2-8. Why not, at this point? Especially since we already burned his redshirt?

He won’t play next year. That injury takes a couple of years to heal.
His play was good against a very good defense. Also, Detmer has gone away from the pro style and opened it up and you could see it. Our problem again yesterday was scoring touchdowns inside the 10.

Tanners job is to execute. Up until Saturday he hadn’t executed at all. Just as he starts to he goes down on a freak injury like Hill did. Perhapse it’s the strength and flexibility coach that is the problem?