Washington is going hard at Kalani. Will he stay or will he go?

I posted this on another thread but it bares posting it on another new thread…Probably the most important post I will ever share here on Cougarfan.

I also listened to an interview on EPSN radio 960 here in Provo., I think it was Austin Collie. …he backs what Tom Larimer pointed out. He did not think it was the money that is the determining factor when it comes to Sitake, he said something like this, “It all depends on Timberly Sitake, If she says, “Stay”, he stays. If She says, “Go”, they go”. It is as simple as that.

BYU football: Will Kalani Sitake be a candidate for the Washington job? - Deseret News

How Kalani Sitake went from the hot seat to a hot commodity | Opinion - Deseret News

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