Watch BYU Sports Nation for the TRUTH!

Watch today’s BYU Sports Nation at the 11 minute mark! Sitaki states clearly how the defense adjusted and who specifically gets the credit. This is the second time in-front of the camera he said this! Enough of the rumormongering and nonsense about free speech.

Coach speak! Spencer and Jarom didn’t ask him who Should get the blame for the terrible defensive performance in the first half, did they? That should be a question also.

That question has 2 possible answers: 1) Tui did the game plan for the 1st half and deserved the results. Or 2) Sitake did the game plan because he didn’t trust Tui and Sitake’s game plan ended up being terrible so he turned over the reigns to Tui who is a better DC than Sitake!

Of course if the answer was #2 we would all ask ourselves why Sitake wasn’t confident enough in Tui to allow him to do the game plan in the first place? Sitake is making things worse by not coming clean. This is the beginning of an unnecessary distraction and will force Sitake to do defensive game planning for USC for sure. We should win the next 2 games easily and hopefully Tui won’t have a game plan that allows Idaho or Georgia S to score a bunch.

Scott, In an interview after the game, Sitake said and I quote “I am getting tired of the criticism of our defense coordinator for the way the defense plays”.

That says a lot about why Sitake is now out front and center propping up his DC with all this praise. It is similar to an AD giving a “vote of confidence” to an embattled coach right before they fire him (Think Roger Reid firing).

Again, this is all personal opinion about who did what. It isn’t #1 or #2 exclusively. My opinion is Sitaki is involved in the game plans for the offense, defense and special teams. Any head coach would be.

My statement was never about the 1st half. It was about the halftime adjustments and who made the decision that would work. Tuiaki did as Sitaki clearly said. As far as the 1st half, primarily the 2nd quarter, my opinion is as it always has been. We don’t make in-game adjustments.

Lastly, the game is for 60 minutes. At the end, we won by 17 points. And, that was the defense 3-8 locking down and causing turnovers which was the final reason for the win. I remember the 66 points and the win. By 17 points.

That’s your opinion, not fact. Did you watch Sports Nation today? At the 11 minute mark the question is answered. You are wrong.

If there is a change in DC, it’s because of the alumni lies and desire to control everything. The alumni seems to behave like unions.

Actually when the alumni and many others see things that are obvious, like we needed a change in basketball coaches …… it helps speed along the process. They were right! Bronco left and the majority of alumni weren’t too disappointed as he had run his course. He started to make comments about independence and was making people uncomfortable in the AD’s office. The departure wasn’t as big of a surprise as the public thought. But look now, bet he has some second thoughts.

Actually my opinion is based on what Kalani said before the TV appearance in the press conference after the game. His direct quote “I was pissed on how the defense played in the 2nd qtr.”

No HC in their right mind would be pissed and then let his DC continue the way they were doing things. Did he take over? I don’t know, but I am pretty confident that he had a direct hand in how the scheme was changed during the half time.

As for his comment on Sports Nation, again any coach worth his salt will not throw a underling under the bus to save face. that is the coaches nature to cover for bad things happening, praise other for good things happening.

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Bronco left for the opportunity to coach in a P5 league and didn’t see it happen at BYU. Not because things were falling apart. And, what running the course?
The alumni certainly have rights to their opinions. But, the reason to support BYU should not be for control or who gives the most money. In those cases, they are behaving more like unions.

Just nonsense about something that has nothing to do with the topic. Which is who made the adjustments? And, according to the press conference in which you still haven’t watched, Tuiaki gets full credit for the adjustments. Sitaki may have raised his voice at the lack of effort. But not the adjustments, which is the topic. According to Sitaki he didn’t take over. Is Sitaki a liar?

No he did not leave to coach at a P5 school and didn’t see it happen at BYU…
His own words stated that:

  1. Independence was not sustainable for BYU. “I was trying everything I knew how to do to advance and pioneer that part. If I were to be really blunt about it, I took it as far as I could go in relation to that setting of independence.”
    BYU football: Move to independence led Bronco to move on too | Opinion - Deseret News

2.“Virginia reminds me a lot of BYU when I was named head coach here,” Mendenhall said. “I see tremendous chance for growth and opportunity. I like to build, I like challenge, I like growth. I like learning. I see a fantastic challenge and opportunity.”
BYU’s Bronco Mendenhall named head football coach at Virginia - Deseret News

He left because he felt that independence was not sustainable and that BYU “Higher ups” were not doing what needed to be done (read the article).

Did he actually say “I did not take over the defense” or did he say Tui came up with the idea of using the drop 8 defense?

No one is calling Sitake is a liar, but every coach worth their salt will never say what he is really thinking. Especially in this day and time.

On a side note, I just read that Bronco son Breaker is now a USU aggie. No nepotism for BYU on this family, right Jim? :open_mouth:

To #3, yea he said just that. You still refuse to watch it. Open up the BYUTV app and watch today’s show and stop commenting on the press conference until you do.

To the rest, your quotes proved my statement. Those quotes were the reasons Bronco left to coach at a P5 school. Thank you.

you do realize that Bronco had offers to other well established P5 schools where he did not have to rebuild a program and would have been paid better?

He choose Virginia NOT because it was a P5 school, but rather it’s program needed to be rebuilt from the bottom up. His words, not mine.

HAHAHA!!! Right after BYU got shut down from a P5 league. You are so funny! He chose Virginia because he felt he could be himself and I still good morals and ethics he lives by because it was the only P5 school he felt he could do that at. Actually, please list all the other schools that wanted him. Not just interviewed him.

Careful Floyd …… inching closer to the bait!!

Thanks for “Reeling” me back. :rofl:

After realizing your error with Sitaki and his press conference statements, you are back to interfering now in other’s conversations. Floyd was just as wrong as you because he too was shooting from the hips without solid facts to back him up.

So, here is what I see. You believe that 42 points scored against BYU by the number one quarterback in the country and top offenses as well is the reason Tuiaki should be fired and Sitaki keeps him around because they are relatives. Even though the defense has kept BYU in all games and it has been the offense that doesn’t score enough and very poorly inside the red zone. Or, fumbles away the Boise game.
I, on the other hand, recognize that there are problems with the defense. The difference is the reason behind it. We all recognized that the defense did well in the first couple of game with all the starters healthy. I recognize that the defense has been hampered with injuries and when you play teams like Baylor and Virginia, you can’t do what you can with the subs like you can with the starters. At least at BYU until the recruiting changes with the entrance to the Big 12.

It’s easy to blame coaches. Especially ones you don’t like. Something you still haven’t answered on why specifically Sitaki and Tuiaki. Heck, I don’t even know what your relation to BYU is other than you get to be on the sideline. You and Tlerimar. If we knew that we could come up with opinions on why you are so against these two coaches. You were buddies with Detmer? You are a sports agent? Camera man? sports writer?

You are making the unsubstantiated claims, not me. I gave you the place to find out about the defensive adjustments and who initiated the changes. Did you watch the press conference yet? Or, at least what was on Sports Nation?

Another waste of time thread. I didn’t even bother to read the comments of those who threw out the bait and those who bit on the bait. Sitake is doing everything he can to be the best coach he can. I am not a fan of nepotism but what else would you expect from a school that literally demands nepotism and favoritism from those in charge?

Look at what has happened to USC football because too many people think they have all the answers when they really know nothing about it. I hope that doesn’t happen at BYU but it certainly can.

Someone create an insightful and worthwhile thread… this is getting old.

What did the two paragraphs have to do with each other? Aside from this, now you are the arbitrator of all content to be discussed. Who elected you king?

The continued barrage of attacks against Sitaki and Tuiaki continue during and after every game. So, this thread is pertinent to what people are discussing. There is no evidence that Sitaki took over at halftime. His statements in this press interview are finite about this. Yet, the others who believe they are king and not you continue the lies and attacks. I’m asking the question, why? And it’s not nepotism.

It was designed, in part, to end this thread before it got any momentum.

Why what? The BYU defense hasn’t been very good. We could go back and watch games, it is easy to see they have myriad problems. Fortunately they have been on the winning side of close games this season. Why isn’t nepotism one of the issues? Of course it is and this goes without saying at BYU, which has a long history of nepotism.

Not worth discussing anymore.