Watching Byu falter again on offense

It’s the same old thing. Byu can’t generate enough offense to win a game in the big 12 unless we get five turnovers. Having said that, it is looking more doubtful that we can get another win and become bowl eligible.

ISU is playing very good now as well as West Virginia. This is a very tough year to be a fan, but we knew going in what our team was like.

We made the right decision getting rid of Tuiaki and bringing in Hill. Now it’s time to revamp the offense. By the way, I was highly disappointed that Sitake opted to go for a field goal when we were down two touchdowns in the first half. I think fans would be more forgiving if he had the guts to go for it.

When Byu gets five turnovers in a game and only puts up 27 points, that is a signal that said team can’t win games… It is a miracle that we have five wins on the season.

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Who knows about other teams. Kansas beats Oklahoma and we should have beat Kansas. The challenge is the offense. Not the players so much. The play calling is bad.

Ok an expected loss. You just couldn’t have watched BYU and expected them to win against a good team on the road. Once again the offense puts the defense in terrible positions and the defense does a decent job, considering the time and position they were constantly put in, so let’s give them a pass.

Let’s take a look at the offense. Take a look at Slovis-it’s his third stop, and I’m not into bashing anyone. He has a good arm and decent accuracy-downsides are -he isn’t really a run threat, which BYU had in Hall and even Wilson. He doesn’t seem real good at going through his reads, but he didn’t have much time and I don’t know how much leeway he has in calling audibles. A lot of plays were run right into blitzing linebackers. Maybe the 3rd stop is an indicator of a couple of problems. No matter, barring injury, he is the qb for the rest of the season.

Lastly, I just don’t think you can give Roderick a free pass. In big time college football, you have to either have really good talent or you have to be an offensive genius. Anything short of that, you will be watching a lot of bowl games. I don’t know Aaron, but I know talent, and BYU has good talent, but not on a level of a major powerhouse. It doesn’t appear to me that the offense is being run by a genius-but that’s only my take.

I’ll end this on a personal happy note-Oregon manhandles Utah in SLC😉

Well, the thing is, we had some drives that ended in field goals. Slovis had some open receivers and his accuracy just isn’t big time college football. We had a couple the our receivers have made great catches and we dropped them or tipped them to Texas.

Robbins rushed for 3 yards. The other two rushed for 15 and 18 yards on one carry each. LJ wasn’t in who always has a couple of big runs in him. And Slovis did have one long run that doesn’t show up on the stats because of being sacked. Maybe he can run and should more.

The defense gave up only 2 touchdowns each half. The last one was lazy play thinking Texas was just going to run out the clock, which they should have. So, I don’t count that one against the defense. And the kick off return, uggg. Need to clean up special teams as they have given up some big plays.

No reason not to try another QB that can run.

In my opinion, you can’t generate an offense if you have “NO OFFENSE LINE”!

I watch the first series of plays, and the offensive line had no answers for either run blocking or Passing.

Maile is a joke and I wished he stayed at Utah. Kiem and Lapuaho are decent as is Pay, not sure that Suamataia is even ready for the NFL.

But two things have to happen if BYU expects to be respectable in the BIG12:

  1. Fire the Offensive line coach
  2. Get rid of ARod.

While we are at it, can we PLEASE hire someone that coach the receivers to ACTUAL BLOCK when we have running plays (especially sweeps). Notices it again today, RB cannot even get back to LOS before a defensive player is in their face because the outside receiver whiffed the block.

True, but I do feel that it is not unreasonable to expect a team to be “competitive” in said game.
Honestly, I see BYU is purely lucky in their wins this year.

Luck = Preparation meets Opportunity. They deserve every win. The defense doesn’t deserve a couple of the losses including today. The offense occasionally moved the ball but then could not get the touchdowns. Slovis just isn’t accurate enough. Play calling is a head scratcher. After 10 minutes of a drive, we have to kick a field goal.