Watching replay of last play

I still have the recording of the SM games. I watched the final play in regulation. When Bryant moved through the lane left to right, Landale was out of position to block a layup from Bryant. If Landale has tried he would have only fouled Bryant.
This tells me the last shot from Sejlass was a set play for Sejlass. If Bryant wants to be known as a great player, he has to want the ball when the game is on the line. Meaning, he should have taken that shot regardless of what the coaches wanted.

This, coming from a self-touted coach of ten years’ experience?

No, discipline means doing what the coaches draw up for you — even though you want the ball, want to be the guy, and think you know better.

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Yes, you take the shot if it’s a foot away. That is a part of the training. I’m sure when it was drawn up the coach never said don’t shoot it if Landale isn’t there to reject the shot. No coach would say that.

I’ve shared this before. When I was an assistant for the varsity, we were up by one point with 11 seconds. During the time out, our coach wasn’t sure how to defend. I was watching their bench huddle and realized they were going to get their best shooter the ball for an outside shot. So, I went into the huddle and demanded a 1-3-1 Zone. It worked perfectly. He jacked up a 35 footer. Almost went in. What we didn’t remind the team to do is block out. Don’t let them get the rebound. So, one of their less experienced and lesser players got the rebound in perfect position to go back up uncontested and lay it in at the buzzer. Instead, he passed back to the best shooter guy and we tipped it away as the buzzer went off and won the game. Do you think the kid had great discipline? I don’t. He had been taught to rebound and put back the shot all his young life.

Don’t forget to tell everyone there were about 15 people at the game and that the gym held about 100.

Grasshopper was a big time high school assistant varsity coach. :sunglasses:

That game was at Fillmore’s gym. Not Nordhoff :wink:

That game put us into CIF playoffs :slight_smile:

Yeah, and the Fillmore gym holds about half as many people as Nordhoff’s does. I played high school basketball in both gyms several times. :smile:

Everyone could beat Fillmore. We used to do it all the time when I played at Villanova… St. Bonny too. Those were some of the weakest teams in the county.

From year to year things were different. And, makes no difference. It was for league championship and CIF birth. Nice you played. Maybe you should coach high school before thinking you understand the thinking by Rose.
Why would Rose think Dastrup is ready for prime time if he can’t play defense properly in practice?

I can feel your jealousy:-)

Because he is struggling to give him the minutes he needed to play defense the right way. Maybe Rose doesn’t like him or his personality or the way he practices. Say what you want, it is obvious that Rose made the mistake of not playing Dastrup more earlier in the season. I’ve said it numerous times and I was right every time.

Just acknowledge it.

Maybe you should understand the game to the extent needed to comment with some logic and rational thinking. It’s obvious all those years of coaching did nothing to help you understand the game.

Aro is an astute poster, ask him if he has coached or not.

Once again, if you saw the coaches show with Dastrup on the show with Rose you couldn’t be more wrong. I’m simply relaying and agreeing with what Rose and Dastrup said. You simply want to listen to your own press words.

and if you think for a second that Dastrup is going to sit there and say “if coach had played me more early in the season I might be up to speed on the defense” then you are crazy. The entire interview is scripted and discussed way before they get on the air and do it. Wake up man…

Mr. Conspiracy…No, you couldn’t be more wrong. If you can’t do it in practice you certainly have no reason to be in a game. I thought you were all about holding players accountable.

You still aren’t getting it, but that’s no surprise.

Oh well, carry on.