Waterman voted MVP

Waterman was voted player of the Vegas tournament. Glad to see him doing well. Great team victory against NCS.

Earned it.
I was his biggest doubter. Maybe Foos and Atiki pulled some kind of African voodoo spell and possessed him with Scotty Pippin’s spirit…hahahaha.


It was obvious he had basketball skills. Shoots the ball and dribbles about as well as a 6’11” guy can. He just didn’t produce much last year but you could see his skill set in small doses. He appears to have put on a little weight and plays much better inside on both ends of the floor than he did last year. He always had a great stroke but wasn’t hitting his shots.

He worked on his strength and muscle weight. He doesn’t get pushed around as much.

It was all between the ears all along

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That was the thing that was driving me nuts. I could see he had talent but he never allowed it to develop and usually was a detriment rather than an asset. I am glad he is getting some confidence and playing like he belongs out there. That is testament to Pope’s coaching abilities. He has this team believing. There will be bumps along the way but they have to get right in their heads. The talent and chemistry seems to be there at this point.

I was going to write more on why this team, really comprised of the same players that finished 6th in the WCC last season, is winning big but here goes.

Hall was a RM, all rusty and new to the team, was asked to run the team. That was a disaster, not even Jimmer had to run the team as a true Fr. So it was all about leadership. We had a journeyman PG running the team last year. This year, Spenc Johnson is our leader, guys like Hall and Richie Saunders are veterans now, Foos was always solid. Knell is in his 6th year and healthy, Waterman and Stewart have matured. There is no quit in this group, they really remind me of that pre-covid team run by TJ Haws, with Toolson and a slew of 3 points specialists to augment Yeoli Childs (they would of been a #3 seed in the big Dance)

Watching these guys play sure takes the sting of our last two disaster football losses
Go lady cougs and BBall cougs

Add Khalifa, who is a known playmaker and can it the 3. Dawson and possibly Adams, BYU could do major damage.

Did you see BYU moved up to #27 in the AP?

If they continue this, they should be in the top 25 soon.

My mistake: They are now in the Top 25

BYU basketball: Cougars crack AP Top 25 - Deseret News

I see #19. Higher than expected

BYU cracks AP Top 25 rankings for first time in two years. Here’s how the Cougars did it (msn.com)

Dave McCann usually writes powder puff articles but he nails it in this one.

Still can’t wrap my head around that last game. We were missing all our bigs and had to drag Khalifa out of injury to compete with a very good NCS ACC team. 11 reb advantage, daaaaang

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But you never make mistakes :rofl:

The difference between me and you, I admit it when I made a mistake, you on the other hand???

I do all the time. Just not to you :rofl:
Happy Thanksgiving and hope you are well. Now, onto Basketball and finishing up soccer and volleyball!