Way Too Early 2021 Football Predictions

Just read this article: https://kslsports.com/450360/byu-football-schedule-2021way-too-early/

We play 7 P5 teams, but a couple of them are really terrible. We also play some other really terrible teams that were good when the games were scheduled (USF, USU). Here’s my early take:

H vs Arizona: Win. Arizona is currently one of the worst P5 programs and has a new coach.

H vs Utah and
H vs ASU: Split. Two good but not elite P5 programs, Utah has QB problems (again) and just lost it’s best RB. ASU has a good offense but lousy defense. I think because both are at home we can split against two good teams.

H vs USF: Win. USF is a total train wreck.

at USU: Win. USU is also a total train wreck. No matter where he goes, Gary Anderson seems to leave raging dumpster fires in his wake.

H vs BSU
H vs Virginia: Split
I’m listing these out of order, but just like the Utah and ASU games, these are two good but not great P5 teams (let’s face it, BSU has proven for 20 years it is competitive in any P5 league), both coming off somewhat down seasons. Again, because we get both at home, I think we will win one.

at Baylor
at Wazzou: Split
Two road games against one really, really bad P5 team (Baylor) and one average P5 team. I think BYU has better talent than either of these teams and should split these road games.

H vs Idaho State: Slam Dunk.

at Ga Southern: Win. Ga Southern has been a decent team and is finding its footing with initial success in D1 the last 4 or 5 years, but I think that even on the road BYU will win with better talent and much bigger lines. Unless we sit back on D and give them the game like we did vs CC.

at USC: Loss. Too much talent, on the road, etc.

By my count it looks like 8-4, including 4-4 vs the P5+BSU, with 3 “gimmes” vs USF, USU and Arizona, three programs on life support, and road win over Ga Southern, which will look great until voters realize it’s not “Georgia” but “Georgia Southern.”

Not going to argue with your logic. Could BYU win a big game as they have every year Sitake has been HC?
And lose one that they have no business losing? Choke Choke.

Like lose to Arizona and turn around and beat Utah? Or lose to Ga Southern and then go beat SC on the road? Definitely could see that happening. I think these letdown losses will always happen as long as Kalani sticks with Tuiaki. When we concede yards and TOP to nearly every opponent, sooner or later our O is a little off and the opposing offense has a good day. I think our defensive strategy leaves too little margin of error for our offense.

Lots of changes … still I think it boils down to 3 things every year.

  1. Ability to stop the run
  2. Ability to get a good pass rush
  3. Having a good QB

All else pales in comparison to those 3 issues on this BYU team. Those aren’t listed in the proper order but it’s the message.

Next season we should be fine at QB. The defense is … and always has been under Tui, the wild card.

BYU should have a pretty good offense. Our biggest challenge to me is to stop the run

My biggest concern is pass rush. Usually if you get the type of players who can penetrate and rush the passer, they will also stop the run. This season we had problems getting penetration. Great pass rushers make DB’s and linebackers look good.

If I magically could, I would gladly trade a loss to Arizona for a win over Utah Ditto for a loss to Ga. Southern for a win over USC on the road. I’d love to go undefeated, but if you’re going 8-4, I’d trade losses to bad teams for wins over great ones.

Our penchant for losing to awful teams (UMASS at home, etc.) is hard to take, but man, I’d sure like to beat Utah again. And, we’ve slapped UofA around several times lately.

I don’t know if the genie will let me pick undefeated . . .

I will grant you your wish for 2021. An undefeated Volleyball season :sunglasses:

My wife says, “How can you be the most positive person I’ve ever known–ANNOYINGLY positive–yet also be such a cynic?” I told her BYU football will do that to you. I guess it’s possible to win 10 games next year because although I think we have a legitimate P5 schedule, as P5 schedules go it looks pretty soft–every game looks “potentially winnable,” especially with 4 of our 5 toughest games at home: Utah, ASU, BSU and UVA (I think we would go 1-3 in those 4 games on the road but think we will go 3-1 at home). SC on the road seems like a sure loss, but we are all guessing, and I can see meltdowns at Baylor, Wazzou or both. We have 5 games that should be slam dunks (UA, USF, USU, ISU and GSU), so would have to go 5-2 in the other 7, 4 of which are at home. So possible? Yes. Likely? I don’t think so.

I was talking with a friend of mine who is a USC fan. He says they are losing players left and right transferring out because of the coaching. So, they may not be as strong as we thought they were going to be.

I’m usually a positive person and try not to let others trash people like players, coaches, Presidents…

Hard to get good penetration 3 on 5-but I’ve seen in all year-give a qb an inordinate amount of time-he will kill a defense . Get in a quarterback’s face and he makes mistakes. The secret to defending even a great qb like Brees, is cover everything within 10 yards and get in his face.

My guess is between 5 and 7 wins for the Cougars.

Beat U of U “again.” When did we beat the Utes, I cannot remember.

John Beck I believe was the last QB

Max Hall???

Yeh could be as Max was after Beck-good call

My son and I drove up from So. Cal. to that game. Great finish in the cold.

High intensity, emotional game-it’s been a long time since BYU won. Hopefully we are going to begin a new cycle.

If they let us have a home crowd, I would say 3-1. I have always liked our odds at home. Please don’t let the only loss be at the hands of UTAH! I too am the most positive dude in the room, not a cynic, maybe more realist.

Ya know, BYU could beat any of these teams and that is what gets me really up but an injury to key personal and it could go all down hill really fast.

go cougs

Next season could be really fun. We have a lot of talent from this team coming back, plus several REALLY good players back from missions who we may have forgotten about. RMs to watch:
DB Talan Alfrey (Seattle), TE Dallin Holker (Lehi), LB Oliver Nasilai (Arkansas) and LB Viliama Tausinga (Salt Lake)

Alfrey is a big, fast, aggressive safety.
Holker is Isaac Rex lite.

But keep an eye on Tausinga and Nasilai. They are very different players but both could be huge stars at LB for BYU. Tausinga played HS ball at 245 and was an unblockable, one man wrecking crew. I have seen him take on an OT/OG/C triple team from his MLB spot and collapse all three into the backfield. He played with super human strength. He was recruited and offered by Big12, SEC, and Pac12 schools. He would have even more P5 offers but committed really early to BYU and to a mission. He is an old school MLB who will stuff the run every time, but looks way faster than he should be at his size.

Tausinga played at East HS in SLC. His Hudl reel is pretty impressive. He is smaller than Nasilai, but is VERY fast and INCREDIBLY VIOLENT on the field. One of my favorite highlight reels EVER. Tausinga is that guy who hits a kid and all the parents gasp, wondering if the kid will every get up.

I’m told that both are just exceptional young men and great leaders.

Just for fun, take a look:

10 is a freak. Could be a nose guard. hahaha
7 has a high motor. I swear I could hear Harley engines out there, hahaha