Way too early take

If Haarms, Barcello and Averette decide not to return for another year under the NCAA’s ruling to pause eligibility for athletes this season, there will be a big void, one that Lohner appears ready to fill.

I think it would be a mistake for any of the three to return.
The two returning starters are
Lohner and George, Lee if you count actual games started as well.
Baxter will be starting as well.
Though Lowell might start ahead of George…tough to say.
PG as ever the real big issue…Erickson per a couple of Pope’s comments will be a star next year.

Knell will be starting as well. Don’t forget him too…

If Erickson is a star next year-read shock all over my being-but hey I’ll be his biggest fan!

pope will be bringing in some studs to replace the Seniors…You can bet there will be a quality Point as well as some quickness. He already has a 6’11 athlete coming in

atiki atiki looks promising though my assumption is that he will be another Lohner George late season competitor for major minutes/starting time.

Not that wasatch has a bunch of video online but I couldn’t locate Lohner and Traore on the floor at the same time.

Next year three Africans, not African-Americans, on the floor at the same time seems likely. And would likely be a great recruiting advert for future Pope teams.