WayToo Soon For Polls, But To Date, This Is What They Are Saying. DON'T Believe Them

Dear BYU Cougar Fans, the extremely to soon,
pre season polls are out and they do not look
good for us.

BYU Composite polls at #93 and a season
ending of 4-8 season.

I don’t believe it. I am looking against all the
odds to win Utah St., and New Mexico State to
give us a 6-6 season. If we get a 7-5 season,
Provo needs to give us a ticker tape parade
down University Blvd from Central to Provo
Canyon Parkway and beyond…
I don’t think that the pollsters give us enough
credit for our new offense and it’s new coaching staff.

BYU Community Polls
Vanish the Foe 4/12/18
BYU Unranked
Underdog to:

Arizona by 11+ points
Washington by 20+ points
Wisconsin by 20+ points
Boise State by 10+ points

SB Nation by Bill Connelly 2/9/18
BYU @ # 76 vs.
#4 Washington
#13 Wisconsin
#26 Boise St.
#28 Utah
#33 Az.
#65 Cal

69 N. ILL.

#75 Utah St.

Not from the BYU Community
Sports on Earth by Matt Brown
BYU #91
Hawaii 113
N. Mex. 109
Utah St. 96
McNeese St. Below 130. Not ranked.

N. IlLL ——-64
Cal ———- 48
Ariz ——— 24
Boise St.— 18
Washington 08

College Football rankings 2/5/18
CBS College Football rankings 2/5/18

BYU #111
7 Wisconsin
15 Washington
24 Boise St.
46 Utah
48 Az.
69 Cal.
87 N. Mex. St.
100 Utah St. 106 UMASS
111 BYU
119 Hawaii
N. Ill unranked below 130
McNeese St. unranked below 130

3-9 season winning only #119 Hawaii and
unranked below 130 N. Ill. and unranked below 130 Mc Neese St.

Ron Uharriet’s composite ranking based on
information above:

9/1/18 @Arizona #35 Vs. BYU # 93 Big non
competitive loss for BYU

9/8/18 Vs.Cal
(93 -35 = Big non competitive loss for BYU)

9/15/18 @Wisconsin 9-2/3 vs 93 BYU. =
Big non competitive loss for BYU

****9/22/18 Vs Mc Neese St. unranked below 130
(FCS?) vs #93 = win for BYU

9/29/18 @Washington #12-1/3 vs 93 BYU =
Big non competitive loss for BYU

10/5 Vs.Utah State #90-1/3 vs 93 BYU =
Very close competitive loss for BYU by 3 points.

***10/13/18 Vs. Hawaii #116 vs. #93 BYU =
Second win of the season for BYU.

10/20/18 Open Date

***10/27/18 Northern ILL unranked below 130. Is
this another FCS team? Vs #93 BYU for the 3rd
win of the season.

11/3/18 @ Boise State #22-2/3 vs #93 BYU.
a non competitive loss for BYU

11/10/18 UMASS #108 vs. 93 BYU = Win for BYU

10/17 Mew Mex. St. #98 Vs. #93 BYU = very competitive loss for BYU

11/24/18 Utah Utes #35 vs 93 BYU = non
competitive loss for BYU

Polls mean very little right now. If BYU makes 7-5 that is a great year.

Actually, 7-5 would be a mediocre year, but I guess mediocre is better than crappy, which last year definitely was. 8-4 would be a good year because that would mean we beat 2 teams we were not expected to beat, while winning the games we should win.

You know Ron & Cougar Fans, Polls are flaws. Yes we won the 1984 NC because we were the only team won it all. And I don’t care if we played those Bo Diddley Tech Schools. UCF should have won the NC last season but big blue blood boys controls everything. Today college playoff is a joke system. No G5 and BYU will ever get a chance to play in the playoff and I don’t care about those past BCS & Current Playoffs.

Jim Hawks is right. More money to pay those coaches is DUMB and greedy. Some Blue Goggles Fans want this team to win NC every once awhile. Jeff Grimes will be around for 2 years or Maybe 3 but I won’t be surprise he leaves after this year along with his OL coach. Yes I am glad to see Jeff Grimes here as new OC because I have seen him help our OL few years ago and we did very well.

2018, the current polls was just to get our players more motivated before the first game. My prediction for this year is we will do better than 2017 and more likely bowl game. Yes even if we become 6-6. I like to see our team go undefeated but that is hard to do. What I like to see that we beat the u team up north.

It’s all about where you come from. With the schedule BYU has and how they performed last year, fans should be ecstatic over 7-5

Sundance, Abrasion, dew,

I agree that polls mean very little now, however it is the only widely accepted measuring stick we have to predict the future until the future presents different evidence,

I agree that a 7-5 schedule is a mediocre year, however, until we get some more powerful 4-5 star athletes and/or until we start playing a strictly G5 conference with no intent on learning how to play a P5 type conference, I believe that this is the new reality of things to come.

I do not buy into the idea that the Big Blue Blood boys control everything. I do not buy into the idea that the current Playoff system is a joke just designed to keep schools like
BYU out. I do not buy into the idea that paying a competitive stipend is dumb and greedy idea. ( I must ask, who is suppose to be the greedy ones in this scenario?). I do not buy into the idea that we should be given the chance to play for a National Championship once in awhile. And beating the team up north, for me, is not the icing on the cake.

What I do buy into is that we must work hard and earn, like all the other P5 teams had to do, the right to be in a P5 conference, earn the right to play in a P5 play off, earn the right to play for another NC, and the way we do that is to do the following:

  1. Stop blaming the high academic standards; stop blaming the honor code; stop blaming the no Sunday Play; and stop blaming the prejudice agains us, and stop blaming the Big Blue Bloods for controlling everything that keeps us out of where we want and where we need to be. We are not without sin. We tend to want something for nothing and the days of LE are gone. We must now pay competitive stipends to get competitive coaches, that can make us competitive vs. P5 teams. They will get us the players we need.

2.We are on the right path now. (almost). We are starting to schedule like we want to be recognize as a P5 Independent team. This is not a title that someone can give to us. It is a title that we must earn and we are starting to earn it now. (Yes, we need to learn how to win some of the games, but that is coming. We must be patient).

  1. You fill in the blanks. You know what needs to be done, starting with us stop blaming others and other situations for our lack of success, and correct our mistakes, and do what it takes to improve.

Finally I have question: Would you want us to get into a P5 conference before we earned the right, only to find that we were always in last place because we did not do what was necessary to earn that position?