We are losing yet another DB

We are losing DB Gabe Jeudy, entering the transfer portal.

What is going on?

Could be NIL. Could be coaching, though I understand Gabe and Jenaro Gilford had a great relationship.

Jake Hatch at Locked on Cougars also mentions this possibility: Jay Hill likes to play a lot of man to man coverage. Gabe is more comfortable playing zone coverage.

Here’s the link:
Former Vanderbilt defensive back Gabe Jeudy transferring from BYU - Deseret News

Jeudy is an academic prodigy. graduated from Vanderbilt in 2 years and came to BYU to get an MBA. wouldn’t surprise me if he got the MBA and is looking for a new graduate challenge.

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I’m wishing the kid well. Hope he leaves BYU with great feelings about Provo, BYU, his teammates, and even BYU’s sponsoring institution. It’s a powerful endorsement of BYU for other non LDS recruits when a non LDS kid with no other connection to BYU comes to BYU, plays well, and has a good experience. Jeudy will almost certainly never play football again after college, and I suspect he will play somewhere else for his final year and add it to his list of impressive experiences and accomplishments. I’ve heard nothing but great things about him.

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all about the money. except in this case

Ditto, Excited to see what BYU has in it’s first year with the big 12. Slovis, great story feel much better with him signed

Yes sir! Those that don’t want to work hard (playing man to man defense) need to go. BYU will fill the voids. Not worried.