We get a win at their court!

Winning at their place is a good win. Almost choked with bad free throw shooting down the stretch.

I believe the game was refereed fairly. Yes, UCF shot a bunch but they were fouls. Did BYU not get some fouls called. Yes. But so did they at the end. What we did is just win.

Four easy layups were missed. Johnson had a good game. However, missed 3 layups and shot an 8 foot shot 6 feet. I texted Hawks after that, that he would make the next since he ■■■■ that 6 foot shot against Baylor 8 feet. Averaged out and he made the next one.

We will see a lot more tough defenses in this league. And more dribbling into the lane for attempted layups. We need to stop offensive rebounds!

What a well thought out analysis…

BYU won because UCF is not that good. They missed open 3’s, they missed open shots underneath and most importantly they missed a lot of freebies from the refs. That is why the game vs. Kansas was an anomaly. Kansas will beat them by 30+ in Lawrence.

If BYU can get a halfway (emphasis on halfway, not asking for full objectivity because that will likely never happen) objectively officiated game they have a chance to win some more games in the Big 12. With complete fairness vs. UCF they would have won by 10+

Ya, UCF is good enough to beat Kansas but they aren’t very good. The fact is, there are no weak teams. The games are close and it’s early in the season.

Anomaly - something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.

Please tell us what other halfway decent team they have beaten this year.

Like BYU, they didn’t play a lot of difficult teams. We lost to an Utah and managed to beat SDSU which has been ranked. But, they lost again tonight to New Mexico. We haven’t played a top 3 team yet like UCF beat Kansas. And, many of the top teams haven’t had a tough preseason because of the season they are playing. There are no easy wins this year in the Big12. Anomaly, ridiculous.

We’ll see how many wins UCF finishes with in conference play.

My impression of UCF is that they are very athletic, very physical, and had above average quickness. I thought their basketball skills were very average. They will win some games due to their athleticism and physicality but will lose some games because their basketball IQ and general skills are definitely not at the upper end of the conference.

BYU has above average basketball skills and IQ but only average athleticism. They have to play smart and hit their shots, which they have done in their wins. The one fault I see is that when the 3s don’t fall they don’t have much of an inside game. If Traore ever gets back to normal that may change.


Did you see how Khalifa played Saturday? That spin move and slam dunk? (He was fouled). His knee has slowed him down but is getting better. Right now, he’s the starter. And if Waterman doesn’t get going, a possibility of Khalifa playing the 4 with Fouss playing the 5 is a possibility. Khalifa can make 3s.
I agree about the athleticism which we know is code word for “black” athletes. Quicker and stronger with inside presence and drawing fouls. Saunders is able to draw fouls inside. Baker would have except he’s probably done for the year. And Adams as well. Maybe next year with Chandler coming in from his mission.

You gotta be kidding me. I said the very same thing during the game and you responded that he tripped over his own feet and there was no foul. So which is it? Are you just posting in the moment? and forgetting what you said during the game. I have the text to prove it.

Rarely. It is usually a make up call when BYU gets a foul on a drive to the basket, regardless of contact.

It’s not a make up call. You are trying to have it both ways. The Ward member has it more right than your conspiracy against BYU and Mormons.

Glad I could rattle your cage on Khalifa’s poster slam dunk.