We have one game left @ Hawaii


  1. Bad memory #1 at Hawaii
    Ty Detmer had just won the Heisman Trophy. Our next game was at Hawaii. At Hawaii, the giant
    size underdog, Hawaii, killed us as Ty Detmer played with two separated shoulders because he did
    not want to disappoint the fan and we lost that game badly.

  2. BAD MEMORY #2 was when Gary Crowton had us ranked in the top 5 and we thought we would
    get into a BCS Bowl, the apparent pathway to a P5 conference, by winning at Hawaii, but just
    before the game started, it was announced that even if we won, the committee would not allow us
    into the BCS competition. Brandon Doman, playing injured for BYU, and Hawaii killed us.

  3. Bad Memory #3 was when our arguably, most celebrated OC, Norm Chow, left us to go to NC
    State, and did well enough there to be hired by USC where he was so appreciated that it brought
    about some conflict between he and HC Pete Carroll and he left for a short stint at UCLA where he
    did not do as well as he did at USC, but he got a call to be HC for Hawaii where he died as a coach
    and that bad time in Hawaii ended his career.

I am not at all optimistic about going to Hawaii with a 9-3 record, the worst since 1955 as I fear, after seeing how poorly we played vs #120 UMASS, that I see us leaving Hawaii with a 10-3 record, which I believe, but am not certain, to be the worst record ever for BYU

Yet we have people expressing all the reasons why we need no changes. No reason to these people are valid enough to make changes to help our cougars be successful. I feel like a parent of a gifted child that tries and tries and tries to get his gifted child to go to college and get a degree in something that will guarantee that he could be a good provider for himself/herself and for what ever spouse he/she may have in the future and for what ever amount of children he/she might have, but the child continues to tell the parents all the reasons why he or she should not go to college, and therefore, does not go.

Harold, if you could cut your number of words by 75% you would get more readership!

Ummm…that should be 3-9. I wish it was 9-3 :slight_smile: