We need creativity

Not a huge fan of Monson, but he is spot on here!

If Ty Detmer coached and coordinated an attack that played as aggressively as the one he quarterbacked at BYU, the Cougars might have a shot to win this thing. In those first two games, though, Detmer’s offense had no pop to it. Instead, it lurched. Here’s something for the OC to consider: If the opponent has more talent than you, more strength and speed, and you author a basic, unimaginative attack, something you hauled out of your days in the NFL where parity is in greater supply, the more talented side will beat you.
Some creativity is required. Relying on pure execution is simply not enough.

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we need a better OC,

Or could it be that we don’t have the athletes at key positions?

No speed at receivers, except Trinnemin and he can’t keep his hands on the ball. Shumway is athletic but not enough speed to get open. Bushman is ligit but the word is out and he is blanketed.

all the others just drop balls.

Running back…Fanua is starting to replace Canada and for good reason. We finally got to see Tolatau and got our 1st TD in two games. I said this two months ago…Canada is not the guy and Tolatau/Hall would be the heavy load backs.

Tanner finally got his game going in the 4th quarter, other than that he has been dismal.


speed is not the problem… separation is…

one of the best receivers we have ever had Eric Drage was a slow white kid, who knew how to get separation and make yards after the catch…

Tommy Tubberville mentioned last night that our WR’s were not running crisp routes and getting separation.

Shunway is our best receiver, but he is still young and learning.

it is really hard to watch this offense, Tanner looks confused and uncomfortable. add to the fact we have had a piss poor offensive line for 4 straight years (with the exception of Koroma).

they can not even open a hole for the RB against Portland State.

Tanner gets hurried most of the time.

I want Kalani to hold the players accountable for their mistakes… bench the ones that repeat mistakes.

We have all kinds of issues. Starts at QB. Continues to the O Line where the splits are too close. The talent evaluation at running back has been terrible so far. The receivers have problems getting open but I am hesitant to blame them yet. The throws are coming in ALL over the place. Maybe 1 in 6 attempts hit the receivers in stride. Our D backs give too much cushion and we don’t employ enough blitzes. Utah out blitzed us 7 to 1 on the night. The hope that we will do better against Wisc is a dream. They will beat us by 20 or more. Boise will beat us as will MS State. We will change QBs out of desperation and see what Bo can do with his legs and arm. I say make the change now!

too bad we lost guy holliday with the coaching changes to Utah. He is a good receivers coach. BYU receivers were very aggressive under him. We need a better receivers coach and an OC and offensive line coach that are creative and have some recent experience with college football. not has beens that are 10 years out of the loop.

I was thinking of Guy Holiday at the U sideline last night. He wanted to stay but Coach Kalani Sitake wanted to bring back Ben Cahoon. And Guy is also a Poly which kind a surprise me our coach didn’t keep him and possible convert him to LDS. I like this Guy and I was hopoing he would be around and teach Ben by this Guy.

I don’t know that the pro style offense works anymore in college football. Based on what Mangum has done so far this year I can see why Hill was given the nod last year. Mangum looks totally lost and was much better two years ago. I think he had better receivers then but even given that he looks really off. He did much better under Anae in the go fast/go hard not playing under center. It looks like Detmer needs to adapt to the offense a bit so Mangum is more comfortable or it could be a really ugly season on offense. I know the schedule gets much easier the 2nd half but even so they couldn’t generate anything against Portland St. I hope they decide to run most of the plays out of the shotgun from here on out and give Tolotua the bulk of the carries in the run game.