We should always put our best foot forward, and keep the other one out of sight

The season that BYU needs to schedule if possible is one like the one below:

N. Carolina

Pac 12
Oregon St.

Big 12

Big 10


We should concentrate all of our efforts playing all P5 teams, that we have a chance of winning, like those listed above that won 2 or less games in their conference.

If we played a schedule like this, we would be playing 12 P5 teams and have just as good of a chance at a 6-6 season as we do now playing 5 P5 teams that are much more difficult to win plus one of the best G5 teams in the Nation. We would not have the stigma of playing FCS teams or seller dwellers among the G5 conferences.

If we have an upset and lose to a seller dweller P5 team, it is still a loss vs a P5 team. If we lose to a G5 team, especially a seller dweller G5 team, it is a disaster.

Until we learn how to play a P5 schedule, we should not be playing teams that
are often ranked in or near, the top 25. We should stay away from all G5 teams that could hurt us. Never play a FCS team.

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