We won and may play OKS again

We won because we shot 38% from distance. Squandered a big lead and needed all 38%. Notice the defense is better when we shoot 36%. That’s because we get back on defense ready for the other team.
Any thoughts on what’s going on with Hall starting halftime at ISU? He’s not the same.

I wondered that too
Maybe the last set of guards are just so quick?
Just a guess

It isn’t the other team. He’s just a bit off.

Hopper asks for any thoughts and then he criticizes what you write and starts arguing it. I mean why ask for others thoughts in the first place? It’s just to start some kind of argument.



So, I should agree regardless of whether I think it’s correct? Why? And if I can’t agree then I’m supposed to cowtow to the great Oz? Silence! For the great Oz has spoken!

Umm… maybe. I think it might be a good idea, once, to agree with something instead of arguing every little thing that comes. Doesn’t it get old? You ask for ideas about something and you don’t even stop long enough to think about what the person said, you just dive in head first into the argument pool and start disagreeing. I think it is some kind of disorder…


Translation - I asked for ideas, your idea is incorrect and my idea is correct.

Why ask for someone’s opinion when you are already planning on shutting it down?

Yeah, thought the response was “interesting”
My only point is that - and this is a compliment to Hall - he has to spend so much energy guarding quicker and more athletic counterparts all game, that he can get very tired which leads to sloppiness. It’s not every time, but does happen. With well-timed, time-outs and stewart subbing a bit more and Robinson at the point 3-4 minutes he can be rested to do what he does best. It’s a tricky, important challenge for Pope to manage and he’s done a good job of it. As we go into tournaments, I’m thinking 28-30 minutes a game. Need to maximize Hall’s minutes as prudently as possible.

Did you read the thread I started about the insanity of the Big12 Tournament? If we win Wednesday, we then play Thursday. If we win Thursday, then we play Friday. If we win Friday, we play Saturday. Insane: 30 minutes? You want to talk about sloppiness, there will be plenty of that if we don’t substitute and keep playing time to say 20-25 minutes. Knell will definitely be needed for those who say only play 8 minutes.

I should have said Hall 28-30 minutes in NCAA tourny. No reason in Big 12 tourny - see my response in other thread.
I should have thought about my response a little more before replying to make that distinction.
I apologize to all. I really Hopper’d it!

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