Weird Random Thoughts

So last night, I was having a hard time sleeping, mostly because I am concerned about the innocent victims of Ukraine, the world my grandkids are growing up in this country.

Then I have this really weird thought process going through my head:

  1. Biden “minions” say it is bad to open up our drilling and the pipeline because it would cause environmental damage.
    Yet, it is okay for other countries who have less EPA restrictions to produce more Oil.

  2. Biden says opening up our drilling and allowing the pipeline would do little to reduce the cost of oil!

The fact remains that if we produce more oil for our own consumption, it would mean that we reduce the amount of oil we import to use, which would mean imported oil we do not use could be available for other countries to consume. Then add to that, with the extra oil that would come from the Canadian oil fields down through the pipeline to the oil companies’ tanks in the US Southern areas, could then be exported to other countries.

Would that not drive down the cost of oil?
I know Press Secretary Jen Paski, this is known as a “inconvenient” fact

  1. Biden said the only way to move forward is to go “Green” with electric cars, windmills, solar power.

My question to his comment is as following:

    1. What do we do with all those Electric cars batteries when they no longer work? From what I gather the life of battery is about 15yrs. Batteries are toxic, so do we now have a toxic dump to put these batteries?
    1. Currently the materials used to build Windmills is not recyclable. so what do we do with the parts once the windmill breaks down?
    1. Solar panels are cool, but like the windmills, most of their parts are not recyclable.

As a computer programmer that develops applications, the process of replacing a old application with a new one is done simultaneously. Meaning you slowly migrate from one applications to the other application.

I would think the migration to “Green” would follow the same type of process.

I saw this today and had to laugh!

Kamala Harris says Dems’ task ahead of midterms is tell voters ‘they got what they ordered’ on Biden promises | Fox News

I think they call that “Buyer’s remorse”. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’m sure I probably have family in the Ukraine. It’s really sick that Biden had to be President.
Sounds like you had me in your dreams and came up with my thoughts :disguised_face: